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  1. CandyCoatedPain

    LARP Garage Sale!

    Hello and thank you for taking a peak! I am culling my LARP stuff and offering it up for sale! I have 3 groups of stuff. The cost is for the entire group of stuff. I do not want to sell individual items and because of this I am asking for a very low bundled price. Retail value is triple or...
  2. CandyCoatedPain

    Custom Orders

    With winter approaching now is the time to consult on any custom work you would like done. :) Necklaces, Rings, Bracelets, Earrings, W's for wards, Keepsake/Memory boxes, Spell book Reps, or anything else you can think of that is crafty/scrapbook-y-ish/artsy. (I don't do much/any sewing though)...
  3. CandyCoatedPain

    Spine Dwarves

    Does anyone have a connection to the Spine Dwarves? I don't know anything about them. I need to get my hands on some lead. I am, of course, willing to pay for it I just don't know any of them. Apparently, they run one of the only known lead mines. Thanks! -Arsita
  4. CandyCoatedPain

    September Favorites

    Thank you so much to plot and NPC's. You guys worked your ever lovin' arses off. Thank you! Some favorites that stuck out. I forgot quite a few already so I wanted to get them down asap. In no particular order... The site was great. Brotherhood back in force! Getting people together for the...
  5. CandyCoatedPain

    Rumor Confirmation

    Hello all, I can confirm a couple of the rumors going around lately. I met a couple Gypsies who shared the following: Meat corn is being harvested from a few farms in Targosia. An ear of corn that has manifested meat inside the husk, it is quite tasty when cooked on a fire but strange, as...
  6. CandyCoatedPain

    For the to do list...

    Hello all, I am reaching out for help to deal with a nasty piece of business called a Triffid in order to get an ingredient for a... big surprise for those that know me... a Alchemy recipe. I would need the help of at least a dozen folks. I know we have a lot on our plates this upcoming gather...
  7. CandyCoatedPain

    Crafty Goodness

    Hi All, If you are interested in a custom "W", bracelet, necklace, or other crafty type thing let me know by midnight tonight for delivery at the upcoming event. I'm spending the holiday in crafty mode. :) For some ideas or examples...
  8. CandyCoatedPain

    Castle event

    Anyone thinking of going to the castle event? If so i wanted to gage the interest of getting one of the private rooms. Let me know!
  9. CandyCoatedPain

    Ternian Empire

    Who deals with the Ternian Empire? Well anyway, they have a rather large wall now along their border, 70ft tall. Soon only merchants and citizens of the Ternian Empire will be allowed through due to 'outside dangers that have recently plagued the nation'. The guard also mentioned it is under...
  10. CandyCoatedPain

    Arsita's Apothecary

    Hello people of Wayside! Arsita's Apothecary is currently undergoing renovations and will not be available for normal viewing of it's splendor and sparkle. Fret not! The Bits 'n Baubles you desire are still available!!! Please review the paintings, send me a pigeon, and I will hand deliver...
  11. CandyCoatedPain

    March 2015 favorites

    Pluto random necromacy inspections The Company buying EVERYTHING preggers Liddia the look on Links face while Cyn and Liddia discuss all things gross about pregnancy (im sure it matched my own) Don't disarm the pregnant woman! Thank you NPC's, plot, and Nadine and Sean!
  12. CandyCoatedPain

    Late October Favorites!

    What were your favorites from the 10/31/14 event? A few of mine in no particular order! The feast! Thank you Cyn! The Duchess costume malfunction. Foss at the ready, hands her his own sword. Her reply, "Oh its so big!" Gales of laughter spread across the pavillion. That is what she said...
  13. CandyCoatedPain

    Wares for Sale

    Greetings! This upcoming Market Day I will have some delightful and useful items for sale. Handcrafted rings, bracelets, and necklaces. I can also accommodate a few more custom orders if you have something special in mind. Chemical hand warmers for the cold nights ahead! Decorative W's for...
  14. CandyCoatedPain

    Wand Reps

    I'm feeling out a crafty idea here. Would there be a desire for wand reps sold completely in game? (No cash required) 1 to 5 ish gold. Thanks!
  15. CandyCoatedPain

    Calling Journeyman Alchemists and Potion Makers

    Hello there! Are you an experienced Journeyman Alchemist or Potion Maker? Have you been introduced to the Earth Guild's Non Magical Pursuits Division? Please send me a message! I'd love to chat! -Arsita
  16. CandyCoatedPain

    Knights of Badassdom

    Hi everyone! If anyone was interested in this movie I set up a Tugg event for a showing on the big screen. Share this with your friends! Go to to reserve your tickets! We must get 71 tickets reserved for this shindig to happen! KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM follows three...