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    Event Schedule 2020

    Hello all! Here's the current dates for our 2020 season: Jan 17-19th 2020, Brooks Memorial State Park, Broken Shards Feb 21-23rd 2020, Camp Kiwanilong, Aer'Astrian Apr 10-12th 2020, Camp Kiwanilong, Aer'Astrian (canceled due to COVID-19) May 8-10th 2020, Brooks Memorial State Park...
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    Photos for the new Rule Book

    In case you didn't catch the post in the main part of the forum, pictures are being requested for, with all parties in the photos being okay with their presence in the photo being used in, the Rule Book. So if you have a photo, solo or group, send it on in to But make sure...
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    Oregon 2019 Season Pass!

    The Oregon Chapter is offering a SEASON PASS again this year! Huzzah! What is a season pass? -A season pass grants you blankets (XP) for all of the games the Oregon chapter hosts this year, provided you don't attend a game that weekend already. If you do attend a game that weekend, whether in...
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    September Favorites!

    Ok, so this hasn't been started yet, don't know why.... but time to spill.... What were your favorite moments of the event?
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    Event Schedule 2019

    Hello all! Here's the current dates for our 2019 season: Jan 25-27th 2019, Camp Kiwanilong, Aer'Astrian campaign Feb 22-24th 2019, Camp Kiwanilong, Broken Shards campaign Apr 12-14th 2019, Camp Kiwanilong, Aer'Astrian campaign June 27-30th, 2019, Millersylvania State Park ELC, Olympia, WA: BIG...
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    Metal Meltdown: May Favorite Moments!

    Woooo! Let's get this thread started. Please post your favorite moments of this past weekend's event! So many awesome things happened. I'll post mine later when I have been able to think a bit more (sooo many work emails to get through, booo:()
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    Town Loot

    I've heard there are some folks that are not happy with the way town loot is being handled - as in people not participating in town fights getting paid, not putting in enough effort in the fights, etc. Please use this thread to express concerns and ideas for how it should be handled in the...
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    Tavern Recycling Program

    Hey Guys! So at this next event I'm going to start gathering up our recyclables. I will have a small barrel in the tavern for us to toss soda cans and bottles into. The point of this is to take the money I will get back from the bottle drop (I live super close to one) and return the funds...
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    Event Schedule 2018

    Hey Folks! Here's the current dates for our 2018 season. Feb 23-25th 2018, Camp Kiwanilong Mar 23-25th 2018, Camp Kiwanilong May 18-20th 2018, Camp Kiwanilong July 6-8th 2018, Brooks Memorial (WA) Sep 21-23 2018, Camp Kiwanilong Nov 2-4th 2018, Camp Kiwanilong Thanks!!
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    Hand Turned Wand Kickstarter

    Hey guys! I got a tip from a potential new player that is doing a kickstarter for hand-turned and hand-carved wooden wands. All of them, but the 8" segmented wand fit our length requirements. I've also given him our other requirements in terms of diameter, etc... so that if anyone is interested...
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    On the return to Foxbridge

    {{OOG: this occurs one night around the fire after dinner on the journey back to Foxbridge. The adventurers that did not spirit walk will be able to hear this, if they are sitting near the fire and not sleeping…}} Óle clears her throat, her whole body trembling slightly and starts to speak...
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    Mystic Wood Folk Mod Auction

    Hello all you lovely Wood Folk! During our venture into the mine a magic item dropped. It's been identified and will be auctioned off among the members of the party as part of our loot split. Please, bids for this item is for our raiding party only. Once you purchase it, you can do with it as...
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    Supplies needed for the Maelstrom [Big West event]

    Hello all, I have been in contact with fellow adventurers from the Maelstrom and they are in need of basic supplies and arms. Clerk Terren has been managing the list of supplies needed. Currently due to their situation they are trapped underground and their food supplies are grossly depleted...