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  1. ubiquitous42

    Traveler from Stradyn

    Hello? Can anyone hear me? My name is Flindo Featherfoot, and for those of you who don't know me, I'm a native of Stradyn. I've never attempted voluntary mist travel before, and since I am told that Aer'Astria's distance through the mists is far shorter than usual this month, I'm making the...
  2. ubiquitous42

    Resolved Recharge Prowess and Scholarly Skills

    Hey, ARC! As written, I don't think that skills such as Dispelling Strike and Purifying/Draining Strike can be renewed with Recharge Prowess, because they're Scholarly Skills that don't fit into any of the listed categories. Is this intended? Thanks, ~Brett Recharge Prowess: This Ritual...