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  1. AKracht

    Costuming questions!

    I would suggest either contacting Ashbury's Plot team ( or making a post in the Ashbury Out-Of-Game section to discuss backstory stuff. I NPC at HQ, so I can try to answer questions as well, though I'm not as familiar with the history of the land as some people are...
  2. AKracht

    Season 2 closer favorites!

    I killed a griffin! Lalan's sacrifice to awaken the obelisk Seriously, we permed two griffins Funeral/victory feast saturday night Did I mention the griffin-killing thing? Sasha walking in to perform our resurrections and describing that she was coated in feathers and blood All joking aside...
  3. AKracht

    Character Art

    No ogres/orcs? Racist...
  4. AKracht

    April event pre-registration

    Alex Kracht will be NPC-ing
  5. AKracht

    June Ashbury event pre-reg

    Alex Kracht to NPC
  6. AKracht

    Stormbreak pre-reg for June 30 event

    Alex Kracht to PC Kodash
  7. AKracht

    Stormbreak Pre-Reg for first event

    Alex Kracht to PC.
  8. AKracht

    July 29 pre-registration

    Alex Kracht to NPC
  9. AKracht

    June pre-registration

    Alex Kracht to NPC. I may also have a few new people to NPC, though none of them are guaranteed yet.
  10. AKracht

    May pre-registration

    Alex Kracht to NPC