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  1. Sheakhan

    An Urgent Invitation.

    (The following would be posted, handed out, and conveyed via the dreaming to ensure that all those able to receive it will, and those that receive it will be able to understand the message. Simplified versions will also accompany so as to not alienate those of whom are not native common speakers...
  2. Sheakhan

    Resolved Circle Lock + Spirit Link/Lock

    Soooooo... Circle Lock (at least the version I'm looking at) does not say it cannot be cast upon an item with Spirit Link/Lock on it. If I were to do so, how would that impact the player with the Spirit Linked/Locked item, or the item themselves? Would they be trapped in the circle? Would the...
  3. Sheakhan

    Alliance Oregon Poster Contest!

    Greetings Alliance Oregon! I am pleased to announce our Alliance Oregon poster contest! In an effort to reach a larger audience and to bring in even more players to our community, chapter, and organization, we are looking for enterprising players interested in earning some Goblin Stamps while...
  4. Sheakhan

    Resolved Formal Ritual Requirements (Rules)

    Greetings! I had a question regarding the preparations for casting Formal Rituals in game. The rulebook says that in order to cast rituals you require "A Copy of this Rulebook". My question is twofold: 1. Is it acceptable to have a copy of only the ritual rules (and possibly High Magic as...
  5. Sheakhan

    Return from Siofra

    Greetings, It has only been a short while, our journey home. Callings on the wind, and rumblings in the land took us southwards and now the land calls us back again, perhaps our trials are over. Perhaps they have just begun. I can see a great many things woven in time and the dreaming, but I...
  6. Sheakhan

    New New Player Representative!

    Howdy folks! In case you haven't heard the news, I've taken over as Oregon's New Player Representative. This means that all you newcomers out there and even long time players with questions/comments/concerns can contact me at your leisure, I'm here for you! If you're uncertain if your...
  7. Sheakhan

    Seeking Assistance: Two Tomes and a Sap.

    Friends, I expect to return to Foxbridge with the Kerns of the Gallowglas company in the next day or so, but I find I require a small few things upon my arrival and ought send word ahead in the hopes of attaining them. For myself, I am in need of an Earth Tome to copy from to flesh out my own...
  8. Sheakhan

    Seeking accomplished Formalist and Warrior willing to teach.

    Greetings Ceriopolitans, I am Corynn Wicklon of Clan Wicklon, Shaman of the Tuatha de Finan and Son of Siofra, traveling with the Kerns of the Galowglas led by my kinswoman Muirgheal of Fiorna, as well as a small number of your fellow Ceriopolis residents including one Tal-Herroth, and the...
  9. Sheakhan

    Children of Siofra

    Kinsfolk, I had not expected to run into familiar bloodlines of the Isle in Sedovia, and it saddens me greatly that those I have met are not accompanied by members of my Clan or it's line. Should you find your path obscured or seek to learn more of your culture, or if you have been burdened...
  10. Sheakhan

    Missive Sent to Those Concerned

    A letter, delivered by unassuming courier is broight to each Dominus and Equotem prior to this event. The dull eyed young man wordlessly, meekly hands the letter to the intended recipient only, refusing payment and departing in a flash. Each letter is sealed with a deep-purple wax relief of a...
  11. Sheakhan

    "Seeking Vision" hastily scrawled.

    A scrap of parchment pinned to the board, ink still wet and smeared with the slightest traces of blood: "I require assistance with a vision ritual. The price may be negotiated in coin, assets, consumables and/or labor. I possess some measure of liquid asset as well as a small collection of...
  12. Sheakhan

    Garrick, Krieger, Vellis.

    I wish to continue our previous arrangement as soon as feasible. I intend to continue forward with or without you, however I am not so foolish as to think the results would be quite so... agreeable without our particular dynamic. Contact me when you find a moment. -Roann
  13. Sheakhan

    Most Important Question of All Time.

    Is there going to be coffee available for gen pop or should I bring my own? My first few events in Seattle there was no freely accessible coffee and I fully blame that for my playing a bad guy. Not my fault. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  14. Sheakhan

    Possibly Incoming, flurry of questions.

    Howdy folks, As circumstance has it, I may end up living in Virginia for a bit. I currently play Alliance in Seattle and I'd like to keep playing after the move. I see you guys are a relatively new chapter, what should I expect? How might C'ville differ from other chapters? Will my character be...
  15. Sheakhan

    Celestial Guild?

    I heard mention of a guild for Celestial mages, is such a thing established? If so, who might I speak with for further details?
  16. Sheakhan

    Requiring lodging.

    Somewhat urgently, My brother and I have determined that we will indeed visit Sedovia during the next gather, we will require lodging for the duration. We require very few comforts and so long as the company is not likely to skin us in our sleep we have no preference to whom we share our...
  17. Sheakhan

    Three minor curiousities!

    I had some questions that I really couldn't determine on my own and would like input on, mostly out of wild curiousity: 1. If a bow is measured along the curve(s), could a bow be made significantly more compact by incorporating several curves to artificially increase the length? 2. If the ARB...
  18. Sheakhan

    A ragged notice: "To those who spoke with Dominus Chronus..."

    I would like to consult your notes as quickly as is feasible. While I overheard a portion of the conversation I was unable to take my own notes, and the irritations present in the fort were not conducive to focusing on such things. I believe Ghost(If I'm not mistaken) took exceptionally careful...
  19. Sheakhan

    On Blood Magic and Details

    *A cold, empty voice echoes quietly through the dreaming like water droplets in a mausoleum falling on stone.* Greetings, I aim, in this thread of consciousness, to speak on several notions and coax free what details are lacking in my own observations. It has become apparent through the...
  20. Sheakhan

    On Travel to Sedovia

    Greetings, I am considering venturing travel to your lands, however I have some apprehension regarding the degree of civility I might face, as well as lodging and the particulars of law, society, and the current state of affairs in the lands in question. If any receiving this dreaming are so...