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    New Rule Book Comment Thread

    People who have done professional editing work for tech manuals and literature notice, too. :) (I heartily agree with your second point, however!) And, while I don't know how this rulebook was handled, professional writing goes through a number of "editing" stages, and they still mess up. It...
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    Dear Same Old New Government

    "Those companies are no longer private concerns, they are public and belong to the taxpayers." FYI--While I agree entirely, this step moves us closer to socialism. :) ChrisO (Who's adequately resisting a desire to post his full views on politics.:)
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    You know you've been doing Alliance a bunch when...

    So, it would work for an Awaken potion then? :) ChrisO
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    Wolf Scavenger

    A word (or several) on altering your voice: know what you're doing and what your body can tolerate. Don't strain or hurt yourself. Start somewhere and move forward or back from there. If you go all out, you won't be able to speak a word by Saturday and your voice will be all scratchy (and not...
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    Time warp

    Twice in a row? What, y'all want the song to be over that quickly? Well, I ain't havin' it, I say! I ain't havin' it! It's so dreamy, oh fantasy free me...
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    Time warp

    I noticed the same, but oh well. The thread's been hijacked once already. Aside: SO recently made a corset for someone playing Frank in a staged production in S.F. Looked HOT! And a great performance.... Forward ho! "But it's the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane"
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    Time warp

    I've got to keep control...
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    Time warp

    Oh, good. I'm not alone in thinking this when I saw the Subject. Redcloud, you tease! :) ChrisO
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    REPO: The Genetic Opera

    No, it doesn't. It's funny as hell, in a sick sort of way. Rather like laughing during the torture scene in Firefly's "War Stories" episode. Can't stand depictions of torture, but I bust up every time I see it. Besides, the look on Anthony Stewart Head's face right at the end is PRICELESS...
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    REPO: The Genetic Opera

    Yay, more Repo! Fans! We need more. Lots more! I saw this in November and was hooked. But it was a limited release so couldn't see it again until it came out on DVD/BlueRay in late January, when I immediately grabbed it up. A friend of mine described it as "'Blade Runner' meets 'Rocky...
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    You Tube: Favorite songs

    Sweet! Thanks, Mike! You Da Man (but the good kind, not the kind that keeps folks down). :)
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    You Tube: Favorite songs

    Bah. I suck. (Anyone (apart from Mark M.) want to tell me what I'm doing wrong? :)
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    You Tube: Favorite songs

    Hayley Westenra's "Dark Waltz" and since I can't find the other one I was looking for, I'll post this back-up: Firefly - "Walk Through the Fire"
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    Dark Elf hair

    Apart from makeup/color-spray (which can wreck havoc on one's hair, especially if long), a wig is a good option. I'd say shop around, but if you're looking for something nice, you'll want to find either a "real" wig store (ie: not the local mart or Halloween superstore), or a theater costume...
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    Shakespeare in the Dark (Recommendation)

    Those with a mind towards literacy and a love of both humor and the Bard, read on: Author Christopher Moore ("Lamb", "Bloodsucking Fiends", "A Dirty Job", etc.) just came out with his latest masterwork, "Fool", which I finished today and highly recommend. The story is set in Shakespeare's...
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    Word Association Game (Again)

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    Re: I'm finally being published!!! Woohoo! Big, huge congratulations to you! Enjoy it. Relish it. Soak it all in. Then get started on the next one! ;) You must inform us of it's publication date. Oh, and can you say who the publisher is? (Just curious.) Rock on, Patrick! ChrisO
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    Name that flick/song, etc.

    Yes, from "Repo! The Genetic Opera". (And, I must say: excellent taste!)
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    Bows and Spells and Armor . . Oh My

    I suspect someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but: First--packets used for bows and those used for spells are different, so it shouldn't be a problem at all. As well, the words used prior to throwing either form of packet are different as well. Should be fine on that score. Second--You're...
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    PC-Run Tavern/Inn

    > The Fuzzy Mugs in Seattle have been a great addition. They generally charged $10 (I think) for food for the weekend and handed out wooden tokens to the people that paid. That way, they could tell that they were feeding people that paid and it added to the in game atmosphere in that we had to...