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  1. BillHolmbladJr

    Let's Build a Village at Nationals!

    Hey there! Chicago Alliance player here, and partner in the LARP prop/costume workshop, Gargoyle Forge! Our intent is to be out at the national event with our goods for sale in portable shop form, but that's not why I'm posting here. In the quest for more economical ways of adding to decorum...
  2. BillHolmbladJr

    Preregistration: October 28th Weekend Event - Chain of Memories The Kazik Finale

    Further clarification: Are we in the valley (with the primitives and the main cabin with all the bunkbeds) or up the road near the bathhouse (in the larger tavern / communal sleeping building) ?
  3. BillHolmbladJr

    Settling a bet

    Mind if I watch in the circles in question? I'll bring popcorn! Enough for everyone! I always swore that next time there was potential for world-ending annihilative magics, I'd have a front row seat! Biff Sterling, Adventurer... AT LAAARGE!!!
  4. BillHolmbladJr

    Posse Needed For Beat-Down

    I am happy to lend my services to the cause! Especially if said mission requires skills of a charismatic persuasion. My sword arm is rusty. :) Sorry, Rusty. :) Biff Sterling, Adventurer... AT LAAARGE!!!
  5. BillHolmbladJr

    Spell Crafting Services this Market Day

    If one required something more Permanent on one of those castings, would it be possible? And if so, how much, Lord Barrister? Biff Sterling, Adventurer... AT LAAARGE!!!
  6. BillHolmbladJr

    Summer IBGAs

    No, no... I'm good. Dara however is still waiting. Nothing in the normal mail files, and nothing in spam as of yet.
  7. BillHolmbladJr

    Summer IBGAs

    So, as of this point, all the IBGAs that are going out have gone out, is that confirmed?
  8. BillHolmbladJr

    Anybody got a quarter of a mil lying round? "64 acres with lodge and 40 cabins on a dead end road in Solon NY, Cortland County. Most recently, this property was a religious retreat and has electric, water and septic servicing the entire grounds. The buildings have been vacant for a few years but...
  9. BillHolmbladJr

    So, exactly how much...

    ... Plot Advancement goes on in the IG boards between sessions? I ask because, from the outside, it sure as hell seems like a great deal of RP goes on in between paid events, to the extent that if you DON'T contribute on the boards, and you DON'T spend every waking moment in an OOG context...
  10. BillHolmbladJr

    A Question Of Construction

    If this is the only way The Devourer can be stopped, then he has already taken this into consideration, and has prepared accordingly. A discussion here does not change that fact. In fact, the lack of open discussion, here in The Dreaming AND at Market Days, has been the lead cause of a lot of...
  11. BillHolmbladJr

    Mug Frog/weapon clip

    We might go a weapon frog too, depending on the design. Gotta do something to keep the Boat Paddle from thwacking everybody outside of combat. ... Sorry, Lord Enan. ;)
  12. BillHolmbladJr

    A Dream to Those Near Westhaven

    Consultant Jimclipper - I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE!!! Oh, so clever! Disparaging competitors out of the gate whilst pandering to our "emotional needs"!!! And the choice of travelling name!!! So close to the current salesman working for Captain Seablade, to effect both a familiarity of...
  13. BillHolmbladJr

    Mug Frog/weapon clip

    Oooooh... we have people that make mug straps??? I will be looking for one by next event! Maybe this event! Cool!!!
  14. BillHolmbladJr

    May 6th Weekend Event Preregistration: You, Me, and Echidna Make Three

    It's spelled exactly as it sounds when he sits down. ... What? :D
  15. BillHolmbladJr

    Visit The Scrolled Adventure for your New Map of Buckland!!!

    5 gold it is, good sir! I look forward to owning your fine work!!! Biff Sterling, Adventurer... AT LAAARGE!!!
  16. BillHolmbladJr

    Visit The Scrolled Adventure for your New Map of Buckland!!!

    Please set one aside for me! Biff Sterling, Adventurer... AT LAAARGE!!!
  17. BillHolmbladJr

    Thrown weapons

    Just FYI - the rolling pin was never used as anything but a Waylay vehicle. I apologize for having it mis-tagged.
  18. BillHolmbladJr

    Question about monster spawns.

    I can understand that from an ease of rules standpoint, I guess. Just kinda sucks that the default becomes said defender, by virtue of being in combat with multiple people, is now also simultaneously immune to waylay from all of those people by virtue of "awareness". If I approach, both...
  19. BillHolmbladJr

    Question about monster spawns.

    As long as we're looking for clarifies... On a Waylay attempt, one should be stating before a suspected Waylay whether or not one acknowledges a persons presence ("I see you") and not after, am I correct? I had an instance this weekend where I walked up to an NPC in active combat with several...