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  1. Mathis

    Ritual Madness!

    My adventuring friends, the Celestine are offering us a unique opportunity to make use of their home and their Circles of Power near the end of the November. This affords us the chance to focus our efforts toward casting a significant number of rituals in a single evening and moreover with a...
  2. Mathis

    Thoughts on the Rumors

    While I know a great deal about what is going on in the lands, I admit some of the rumors circulating are a mystery to me. Here is what insight I can share, I welcome others to add to this knowledge: I don't know anything about golems from Foundry The Unhindered Lands are the lands to the...
  3. Mathis

    Goals for the Gathering

    My friends, I know that there are many things people may wish to accomplish before the snows blow. If you wish assistance with anything now would be a good time to discuss your plans. I for one hope to look into the Oni further, learn more of Jared Silverstar's plans, and hopefully make some...
  4. Mathis

    The Oni and Stonerest

    My friends, this past gathering brought to light that the Oni within and now outside of Stonerest can no longer be ignored. We've dabbled in addressing this issue for some time, a number of times making assaults to weaken them but never finishing the job, but if something is not done soon, this...
  5. Mathis

    Casting Rituals

    Over the winter I was cleaning the Tower and found some Reagents that are close to expiring. If you have Ritual Scrolls you're looking to have cast and need a few more Reagents let me know what you're looking for and we'll make a deal. -Mathis
  6. Mathis

    Seeking worthy candidates

    To any person who wishes to serve the people and Kingdom of Dragonreach. Let it be known that I am seeking candidates for the position of Squire and would be most pleased to speak with any who wish to put themselves forward for such an opportunity. If you wish more details I invite you to...
  7. Mathis

    Thank You for the Reminder

    I had a great time at this weekend's event, better than I've had in a long time, and there are a lot of people to thank for that experience. First, thank you to all the PCs who took time out of their event to pull an NPC shift. It was immensely satisfying to see so many people respond to my...
  8. Mathis

    Supporting our Game

    After reading the comments on the May event and having a number of discussions with Players I feel the need to comment on the NPC situation in our Chapter personally, outside of my role as an Owner. My purpose in making this post is to call attention to an issue I have with our Game and to share...
  9. Mathis

    Looking to Purchase Alchemy

    I am looking to purchase a significant number Cause Light Damage gases in the coming months. I will be accepting bids from merchants through the first weekend in May via messenger to my tower located near the trade-faire north of Asyl or in person in Valbrough. Interested parties should...
  10. Mathis

    The Skall

    If anyone has encountered these men and women from the southwest of Kundirk I would like to speak with you and learn more of them. Travel safely, Mathis
  11. Mathis

    Dealing with the Myconids in Whitford

    Adventurers- It appears that our aid is still needed in Springdale. Since we are returning to that area I hope that I might convince some of you to consider the issue of Myconids in the Lightlock Mine. Reports from the mine indicate that our previous efforts were helpful in securing much needed...
  12. Mathis

    Working Together

    Thank you to all that answered his Majesty's call to aid the mine in Springdale this past weekend. As the King's representative in town I want you to know that we made huge gains in clearing the three shafts that were cleared. There is further work to do in the mine if anyone wishes to return...
  13. Mathis

    Things that Need Doing

    If there are tasks you wish assistance with addressing at the coming gathering, I suggest you add them to the list that is currently being put together so that we can better coordinate our efforts. Travel Safely, Mathis
  14. Mathis

    Thank You!

    Thanks to everyone in SoMI who's been so supportive of my impending wedding. The Edible Arrangement today was a gods-send. I'm so glad to be part of this community (and my wife thinks you're all pretty great too). Matt
  15. Mathis

    Circles of Power in Valbrough

    To the adventurers who have skill in Earth and Celestial magic- Please speak with me on Friday as we begin to gather to discuss access to these town resources. Sir Mathis of the Order of the Emerald Flame Knight to his Majesty Lycergis, King of Dragonreach
  16. Mathis

    Seeking Your Tales

    To those who gather in the Kingdom of Wayside- As you are likely aware from the Lady IronRose, the King of Dragonreach personally bequeathed an enchanted blade to the adventurers of the Kingdom of Wayside. His Majesty's intention was to provide a boon to your community, as the Kingdom of...
  17. Mathis

    To those in need

    Citizens of Dragonreach, Those seeking assistance with problems that have show up in the wake of the fall of Bleak, the King and his nobles have heard your concerns and are taking steps to assist. Bring your concerns to the tavern in Valbrough where adventurers gather. Seek me out, you...
  18. Mathis

    How can I aid you?

    To all those who would be called adventurers in Dragonreach- We have triumphed over the White Wyrm Bleak and while she is no longer a threat to the lands many different things have sprung up in her wake as our Kingdom makes its way through the first Spring in many years where we do not fear...
  19. Mathis

    Traveling to the Duchy of Thorncryf

    My fellow adventurers, Shortly, if not by the time you read this, you will see an invitation or request from his Grace, Arlien Hayward, Duke of Thorncryf for adventurers to come to the newest duchy in the Kingdom of Dragonreach and provide the assistance that only adventurers can provide. We...
  20. Mathis

    What does your future hold?

    As I looked over the early responses to my prior question another thought occurred to me. We have seen much over the past few years and we have won a great victory. Hopefully in the coming months our skills will be able to further aid the Kingdom as it renews itself after this time of trouble...