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    Directions to Site

    Well it appears Google has finally caught up with Faire Play's location. You can now search for the location on G-Maps and it will show right up. Funny enough is that Faire Play is listed as a Park/Camp Site which really makes it easy to find in the area.
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    Chapter Favorites

    In my short amount of time playing this game this chapter has always been a pleasure to play at. I knew I wasnt going to make coin, I knew I was probably going to die horribly in some fashion that might get me resurrected but I knew I was going to have fun. I know I'm not alone, I've heard...
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    A Bow

    I need a bit of help. My girlfriend paid to have a bow made but we may not get it before the event starts, does anyone have a spare bow that can be used for the event and is willing to lend it for the weekend? Thanks in advance
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    A Bow

    Hey guys, my gf is going to be PCing for the first time next event and she'll need a bow, but I wouldnt know where to begin to make one, so I'd like to ask someone to make one and I'll pay for the material and the construction time. If anyone is interested and going to the August event just...
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    August Favorites

    I just got home but I wanted to throw this up because I still have it fresh in my mind. Firstly I had an amazing time this weekend. To me HQ feels different and whatever is going on in the back areas of Plot-dom I think has to do with that. So I want to thank the whole HQ team again for an...
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    At the last battle, I had an unwelcomed stalker. A construct which had a specific target and that was myself. After speaking with Neirden and a few others it seems like it was very specific and that the constructs didnt have the entire town as a target but certain people. If you were a target or...
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    National Event Favorites

    May as well put this up now that I've got a ten hour car trip ahead of me and the memories are fresh. -Getting there was a good time, we went from one audio book to another after the first audio book had a guy that sounded like Walter Kronkite to listening to World War Z and its full cast of...
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    Fairdale in the Winter

    It is with good authority that the tavern in Fairdale will remain open throughout the winter. As Balls needs to remain in the area to finalize discussions over business he found it prudent to keep it open to those who move back and forth between spots over the cold months. Just because its cold...
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    Helpful Tips

    Tomorrow the Mrs and I PC for the first time, we're both looking forward to it, but I'm just looking for tips. I'm excited about tomorrow but fairly nervous about how it'll go. I'm just wondering how everyone else faired with their first PC experiences and what they learned from it that might...
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    Thanks to all

    I just wanted to write on the boards a big thank you to everyone from my girlfriend and I to those who were at the last event. It was our first time LARPing and we had a wonderful time. Everyone was beyond awesome and extremely helpful and by the end of Friday night activities we were both...