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  1. jwconvery

    Assistance with Baron Bohmer

    Adventurers, I need to speak with the baron. Regrettably, I do not know precisely where his lands are. Any assistance would be welcome. -Gideon
  2. jwconvery

    Stemming the Rise of Chaos

    To all suffering through the changes in magic, My name is Gideon and I am a member of the Celestial Guild in Valborough, under Guildmaster Gend. Up until very recently, I had no ability to cast Earth magic myself. However, with the changing magics I have learned how to cast Earth magic. This...
  3. jwconvery

    Is "Healed" a Defense?

    It's not really a Guard or Resist, since it isn't 'spent' Looking the interaction with the new signature spell meditation change. "When a Signature Spell is cast from memory (meaning not from a Magic Item or the Flexible Casting skill, and not used via another skill such as Magistarium...
  4. jwconvery

    [.11] Elemental Manipulation incant ?

    Elemental Manipulation (General, Item [Any], Times Ever) - Elemental Manipulation allows the user to alter a single spell as it is cast from memory so that it manifests with the Elemental qualifier instead of the Spell qualifier. The user would incant the spell as normal, simply replacing the...
  5. jwconvery

    [.11] Combined Strike feels very underwhelming

    Especially when compared to United Blow. United Blow gives an adept more options and a substantial increase in potential damage in combat. Converts spells to Body at x 10 per level. (versus 5 per level normally) Yes, there is a positioning requirement for melee. Combined Strike is mostly a...
  6. jwconvery

    [.11] Higher Manifestation /Cross School

    We should update the wording on Higher Manifestation so it is more clear that you cannot use HM granted from Earth Formal to channel Celestial without a wand. (or vice Versa) Unless that is the intent, in which case I think that is silly, but the packet is worded fine. -Joe
  7. jwconvery

    [.11] Intercept

    "The Intercept skill allows a character to take the damage or effect of any attack that successfully resolves on another target. " What defines an attack, the source or the target? Is that non-touch cast? Is that a list of effects? Is it a "Spirit of Intention" grey area? If Flame guys throws...
  8. jwconvery

    [.11] The various Calls

    Does anyone have a resource that puts the various incants/calls in one place? Including spells, skills, channeling, and new Magic Items. Like a handy reference guide. I was thinking about making one, but if someone has already done my work for me, I'm not too proud to ask. -Joe
  9. jwconvery

    [.11] Meditate back Channeling

    The packet as written says spells or per-day weapon skills only. Was channeling specifically excluded from being able to meditate back, or is that just unfortunate wording. Seems odd that channeling would be excluded as a build bought thing that can miss. -Joe
  10. jwconvery

    [.11] Cloaks versus Weapon strikes, and Carriers.

    I want to double check this interaction in the new rules, before I get to the playtest. "Weapon Strike Sleep" I can "Cloak Command", and take nothing. "200 Doom" I can "Cloak Curse", and take no damage effect. Is that correct? -Joe
  11. jwconvery

    Any news on BJ

    Not on Facebook. How's he doing? Joe
  12. jwconvery

    Thanks for August

    Great event. I had a lot of fun. I really liked seeing the new faces coming out to try things, Michael and Steven. The game world seems to be very much in flux, lots of things going on. Looking forward to Sept. -Joe
  13. jwconvery

    [.11] Are you Healed?

    We have Reduced and No Effect as calls from the defender, why is this question from the attacker? Theoretically, it just adds 3 words to the end of every verbal during combat. I feel if this situation is common enough in the Monster DB to warrant a shout-out in the packet, we should...
  14. jwconvery

    [.11] Recharge Prowess

    Recharge Prowess (General, Item [Any], Daily) - This Ritual creates an item which can restore the usage of a spent skill once per day. A character may only benefit from this Ritual once per Logistics Period for each category of skill. The skill being renewed must be in one of the following...
  15. jwconvery

    [.11] Merchant Insight

    Merchant Insight (General, Item [Any] / Location, Passive) - The Merchant Insight Ritual allows a character, if they have the prerequisite skill, to identify Potions, Alchemy, Battle Magic scrolls, and Trap Globes in 3 seconds (if within a Location with this Ritual) or 15 seconds (if they bear...
  16. jwconvery

    [.11] Is Natural Armor a 'suit' of armor?

    Just curious if Shatter would work on Natural armor. -Joe
  17. jwconvery

    [.11] Retribution Ritual

    "When this Ritual is used, the verbal will be 'Bane'." Does that mean I don't call the base Guard verbal, and only 'Bane' or both verbals. "Spell Shield, Bane" or "Bane" "Dodge, Bane" or "Bane" etc. -Joe
  18. jwconvery

    Crunchies and Armor

    Not all chapters can afford to send out crunchies in chainmail. The new rules seem to have a lot of effects that make armor meaningful. Body Damage calls, shatter etc. 50 body crunchie != 20 body crunchie in 30pt suit or armor. Even taking refitting out of the question. Any ideas on how to...
  19. jwconvery

    [.11] Mem down and flexible casting

    Higher level Spell Slots may now be used to memorize lower level spells. You could now use a 4th level Spell Slot to memorize a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd level spell if you like. The spell always counts as its original level for all other purposes (Spell Store, Meditate, etc.). Trying to confirm my...
  20. jwconvery

    [.11] Potion Coatings

    "The Potion Coating Ritual allows Earth Potions to be applied to the target weapon in exactly the same manner as a contact poison. These potions are delivered with the Spell qualifier. This Ritual may be combined with other Rituals as appropriate." "These potions are delivered with the Spell...