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  1. A.mungo


    its about that time of year when some of us have to hurry home from events, or go on an extra early Sunday morning mod to where there is cell signal. I was thinking about it, and how much fun it would be to share my other fantasy hobby with my fantasy friends (real friends, but like sometimes...
  2. A.mungo

    LFS! (Looking for Shield :) )

    Hey folks, I happen to be traveling in via a plane and was wondering if anyone might have and be able to bring a shield rep that I could borrow for the weekend? Thanks again! -Tony Mungo
  3. A.mungo

    Enhanced Wand conversion?

    Hey folks, just a heads up that the current converters seem to be missing enhance wand? Enhance Wand Aspect: Celestial Difficulty: 3 Catalyst Required: No NPC Only Ritual: No Role Play Only: No Scroll Type: Physical Casting Time: 5 Minutes Duration: One Year May...
  4. A.mungo

    Level vs. Build vs. Xp

    Can we do away with levels??? I think only Sylvanborn and hardy are using it? It can be simplified to 1 craftsman or hardy/10 build up to 5 craftsman or something like that. Either way, do we really need this concept still? Starting at 25/lvl 2 and having that weird, and honestly needless...
  5. A.mungo

    Sir Raganzi returns with writs! (Downtimes!)

    After traveling to secure authority for the expeditions to the foreign lands Sir Raganzi returns to the tavern with the writs and his retinue in tow. He carries a list of whom and where each expedition is going, and the known representatives for each, and makes sure to spread the info to all...
  6. A.mungo

    OOG: Stradyn Campaign setting Info

    This section is for the distribution of culture packets and laws for the upcoming Stradyn campaign. As these items are being made available OOG - sometimes research will lead you to this post to be able to use the specific knowledge held within for your personal use IG. Alternatively, if making...
  7. A.mungo

    Weapon Swings

    "A weapon swing should progress between 45 to 90 degrees. If you are merely moving your wrist back and forth to cause your damage, then you are not fighting correctly and may be subject to disciplinary action" Page 94 ARB 1.3 Recently this question came up about how to rule on weapon swings...
  8. A.mungo

    Squire Raganzi: Seeking Controlled Spirit Store

    [Sent across the dreaming] Hello fellow citizens, adventurers, and travelers through Sedovia. I am seeking out a Controlled Spirit Store ritual and Catalyst to place upon myself in the coming year. If anyone has any leads on where I might be able to purchase one, or could pass my message...
  9. A.mungo

    [0.8] Chaining Martial Skills

    Through the other post (disarm and mediate) it occurs to me that the idea of Chaining martial skills is handled differently in different chapters. With the removal of PTD and no flurry/powerful blows rules, but the inclusion of oversized shield, we experienced some very face paced combat where...
  10. A.mungo

    Visiting player looking for space before/after game

    Hello NH! My name is Tony Mungo. I am a player from the Seattle chapter who travels quite a bit, and I believe I will be making your next event. I was hoping someone might be available to put me up for an evening before and/or after the game as my week mysteriously ends on Thursday that...
  11. A.mungo

    Fighting for my life

    I was peaceably making my way around Sedovia when I tripped and got caught up in the brush. I was fighting for my life to get out of the brambles and twigs when I ripped my coat! Does anyone have the skills to be able to repair a seam? I am willing to pay a gold, or whatever coin is fair, or...
  12. A.mungo

    New Event Feedback Form (Take 1)

    We want to know what you thought about a couple of aspects of our game, as such we decided to make a new feedback form to help facilitate with that! Look at it, fill it out, help me help you! (Show me the gobbies!) If you have both attended the game in question and fill out the form we will...
  13. A.mungo

    January Event Favorites

    In no particular order of importance 1. Cards for Tarndale! 2. Friday night in the Celestial circle, I can't remember even one thing that was said, but I do remember laughing hard enough at one point that I had tears in my eyes. 3. "Fighter's Guilding" our earth circle problem (I'll take any...
  14. A.mungo

    seeking an item recall scroll

    Must be castable in tarndale and freely travel the mists. Contact me privately if you are willing to part with one this weekend or sooner. Raganzi
  15. A.mungo

    A dream about an underwater cave full of undead

    There is a note about this in the meeting hall, its the one with a skeleton with X's over its eyes. Please peruse it at your leisure with the help of someone whom can read if you cannot.
  16. A.mungo

    Posted on the wall- Underwater Cave full of Undead

    After paying back the components used to allow us to proceed underwater we were left with 704 copper. Please write your name, or a list of names if your were representing a group of people for your split. Please ask the person reading this to you to write down your name, or a list of names...
  17. A.mungo

    Bump for Ride to event from Seattle

    Once more we are putting out a request for 1 or 2 seats from Seattle to the event and back. We can meet wherever we need to, and have money for gas ;)
  18. A.mungo

    Oct. Event Favorites!

    I want to start out by saying thank you to Emily for bringing up the option of NPC'ing to me. I had a Tigantic (Tie-jan-tic) amount of fun. While I was sad to not be with my gypsy brethren (You're my boy blue!), I survived my first trip into NPC'dom and wanted to point out some specifics I...
  19. A.mungo

    You give me a spear, I will make you wealthier than you are

    Do you hate carrying around a spear with you to every town you go to? Is it always taunting you whenever you go through your personal stores? Do you get into trouble with the town guard when you try to trade it for baked goods? I know I do! Come see Raganzi. I currently specialize in...
  20. A.mungo

    Rougue/Fighter Skills

    Okay, so here is a weird one. I am using the ARB 1.1 Wording from the book under skills Skills listed with a * can be bought multiple times to improve or increase the skill. Read the description carefully Disarm*: ...This skill can be purchased every time a character has purchased a Weapon...