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    a story for v-day

    I looked over my gathered brothers and sisters from my position on a pedestal above them. Their eyes aglow with yellow light, adding to the light given off by the torches and braziers lit around the massive cavern. They murmured amongst themselves and another cheer arose from them as another...
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    winter plot submissons

    just wondering when our winter plot submissions are due by
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    plot submission due by?

    so, when are our winter plot submissions due by?
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    lost and i hope found??

    LOST CLOAK, black, fleece silver neck hook clip left in tavern by the door please tell me someone grabbed this. -rachel
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    it was nice,

    it was nice to meet some of you that i talked to the last couple days. as im still looking for my home, my master and my pack, being lost has taken me to some strange places so far anyway, the arkilian pack, it was nice that you allowed me to attempt to be sneaky with you, and talk with some of...
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    cans i borrow a micro mesh?

    if anyone has a micro mesh chain shirt i can borrow this weekend, that would be awesome never mind what for, its a secret ;)
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    character card updates: a concern

    so, i realize that there was a lot of crazyness at logistics and i also realize that there was a lot of people at this event but have updates been sent out yet? because the latest update i recived from my home chapter did not have nationals added to it. im wondering if it is my home chapter or...
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    boost lost

    er, lost boost in the confusion and haste of leaving after the tournament, it seems our boost ritual might have gotten lost some how. if anyone might have picked it up, it would be kind if you returned it to me or another of house sunderdragon thanks -avalon
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    videos from tournament

    here are some videos from the tournament, also they maybe on youtube, but they are privatized so no random searches will bring them up. sunderdragon ritual that won the ritual casting event at the tournament all star warriors melee...
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    im lost!!

    while traveling with my master, i got seperated from him and my pack! i do not know where i am! i am in need of a place to rest and i dont know anyone or a place of safety. i am a good tracker and has some healing skills. i belive i am near a town of some kind. i smell people i have not smelt...
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    elf ears needed!!!

    so, the grumblins (gremlins for those who dont know the robot chicken reference) have stolen my elf ears if anyone has a pair, that i can borrow/buy a spare pair off of for this coming weekend, i would be super greatfull im not sure yet if i need them, but i thought i would put a heads up just...
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    in search of a spirit link scroll

    I thought i would post this message a few weeks in advance to see if any kind souls respond. I am in need of a spirit link scroll for the gather dated june 25- 27 if anyone has one i could spell craft off of, I would be very gratefull. -avalon willowcrest
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    Potion maker wanted!!

    I am seeking a potion maker who might frequent Badrils rest or Chirams hollow or have trusted companions who might go to these places. Preferably a potion maker of skill who can make purify's but I would also speak with any potion maker who could make large batches of the various curatives...
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    questions about the faire day

    so i have a couple questions about the faire day 1) what time on saturday is it to start and 2) if it is to start early saturday, would it be possible to camp there friday night?
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    top secret project revealed-2009 nh video

    So, as some know by my face book page, i was working on a super top secret project a couple weeks ago and its finnaly finished after much frustration and annoyance over the 2 kinds of software i bought that wouldnt work, a simple program recommended by my intro to film teacher worked. anyway...
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    picture taker for nov event

    its the last one of the season and i really hope that some one could be willing to take some pictures of this event. this will compleate the video i am putting together of the 2009 nh season. i will show you how to take the pictures and mabey even shoot some video. if anyone is up to it, please...
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    oct 23-25 pictures WANTED

    I was unfortunatly un able to take any pictures of this event. I saw that on sunday, there were a couple camera's out on the field. Especially of the last battle. I would really like it if those who took pictures could send me some. Because i am working on a photo/vid disk of the 2009 season and...
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    picture taker for oct 23

    so its nearly that time again for another nh event woot! and i am in need of a npc that is willing to take some pictures these pictures are to be in a disk or two with some video's and a slide show of the nh 2009 season which i will finish at the end of the season so anyone who is willing to...
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    i know its a long shot but i lost 3 rings last gather they are not magical, just personal in nature all three are stainless steel silver 1 has an outline of a dragon cut all the way through the ring 1 has an outline of a geko cut all the way through the ring and the third is small and has swirls...
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    ride down to caldaria for 21-23 august event

    so im looking hard for a ride down to caldaria for the event that is taking place and hoping that someone who lives kind of up north mabey within a couple hours of st.albans vermont is going to caldaria and has room to spare for me. all i will have is a duffle bag, back pack and sleeping bag, or...