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    Brennos wants you to buy fancy leather accesories!

    Hey Alliance People I just updated my shop with some neat accessories. I've also got some new sword and dagger boffer frogs in. Please have a look at Brennos.Etsy.Com I'm also looking for comission work. Check out the albums at for an idea of what kinds of things I...
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    New Stuffs for sale!

    Hey folks. I haven't been around here in quite a while. I just updated my Etsy store so I thought it would make a good excuse to drop by. I'm going to leave you the link to my store while I go off and read the latest flame wars between the dwarfs and the elves.
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    Boffer Frogs and other useful stuff

    Hey folks! I just updated my Etsy store. More boffer frogs, more greaves, bunches of little belts. There will be some LARP armor and some other neat stuff going up over the next few days. Please take a look! And don't tell the Gnomish scriveners guild I was here, they're still after me. They...
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    Dream Magic Item

    Magic carpet with FLIR, Hellfire rocket pods, an iPod dock, bucket seats, power locks and windows, full bath, and interplanetary travel capacity.
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    Etsy store is up! Armor and things stranger for you!

    Glad you like them. : )
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    Metal Plates

    heh. We use real metal for fake armor that won't be visible anyway. Life is exceedingly strange.
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    Registration for July 24th-26th

    Hey folks. I'll be there Saturday to NPC for sure, and I may be able to arrive Friday evening and stay through Sunday.
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    You know you've been doing Alliance a bunch when...

    You mean you don't keep them next to your bed?
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    Metal Plates ... 4522616592 One kind of scales. These things look beautiful once their together. Sort of like fish or serpent scales made of steel. Takes a bit of time and effort to assemble, though, and is a modern invention that someone came up with within the last...
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    Metal Plates

    I'm going to put in a vote against using re-purposed hardware. I was at Dagorhir's big Ragnarok event last month. A lot of people use nail plates or big washers for armor, and for the most part they look like nail plates or big washers. There are venues online where you can get cut and drilled...
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    Etsy store is up! Armor and things stranger for you!

    I just now got my Etsy store up and running. Check it out for armor, boffer frogs, and various other sundries. I'll sell you the things you didn't know you needed! Check it out! Coming soon - Killer robots, throwing squids, and pants!
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    High Orc Tusks

    I believe it dates back to D&D or something. Tolkien's orcs were degenerate bandy legged humanoids who were, unfortunately, somewhat thinly veiled racial stereotypes. D&D Orcs may have originated the pig thing, and the Warhammer orcs are where we get the green orcs from.
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    What nobility wears - aka who doesn't have *#&# all over

    You could go with the historically accurate method. How to spot a noble in easy steps: 1. Look for someone who isn't starving to death 2. Look for well made clothes of richly colored and expensive fabrics 3. Is he armed and armored? 4. Does he have attendants and men at arms? 5. Does he...
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    The Rules of Adventuring.

    138. Once you speak the words of power Mr. Energy Vortex is no longer your friend. Or anyone's friend, for that matter. 139. 10 minute spell durations last 8 minutes. 10 minute casting times take 15. 140. Throw the potion, not the cork.
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    Update for the May Event, now with 50% more Lodging!

    Objection! I site Dwarves of Lonely Mountain v. Five Armies, in which it was clearly demonstrated that possession is more important than any legal ownership on several occasions. Please see Oakenshield v. Baggins, Smaug v. Baggins, Dwarves et al v. Bard, Elves of Mirkwood, et al, and...
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    Next Fight Practice - May 9th - St. Paul

    I'll try to be there for a little while.
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    The Rules of Adventuring.

    135. If you didn't see it prepared it's really hard to tell the difference between people bacon and pig bacon. Ignorance of the ingredients, though, will not protect you from being posessed by Wendigo.
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    The Rules of Adventuring.

    That's a great idea for a pram, actually.
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    Our First Weekend Event! May 22nd-24th!

    Unfortunately I will not be able to make the game. I'll be in Alaska, attending my brother's graduation and shoring up the defense's against Dave's next invasion attempt.
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    Epoxy for Composite bow

    What are you using the epoxy to for? Are you trying to secure more than one piece of PVC together to make the bow?