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    Shakespeare in the Dark (Recommendation)

    Those with a mind towards literacy and a love of both humor and the Bard, read on: Author Christopher Moore ("Lamb", "Bloodsucking Fiends", "A Dirty Job", etc.) just came out with his latest masterwork, "Fool", which I finished today and highly recommend. The story is set in Shakespeare's...
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    Literate Alliance

    Okay, I admit it, I am a word junkie. I'm addicted to the crack that is the written word. So, to satisfy my curiosity, and to read more on the boards, what's everyone in the middle of? And to keep it simple, I'm limiting it to the printed word (let's say, anything with an ISBN # that isn't...
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    Recipe Sharing

    While posting on a different topic, I started writing about food, which made me hungry...for new recipes! Anyone wish to contribute? I'll begin with a salad I've made on many an occasion. It's nummy. This one can be made at an event, even! Most everything can be made beforehand (toss apple...