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    2020 National Event FAQ

    Awesome thank you, they will be quite pleased with that!
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    2020 National Event FAQ

    What are the age restrictions? I have two 17 year olds that would like to NPC, and a 15 year old who would also NPC/Page.
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    August individual tourney

    Sorry for the delay in answer. 1) Shields will not be restricted. This is a test of speed and skill. 2) Much like the weapon portion of the tourney, it will be speed and accuracy. The 'Incant' in question will be given at the contest, will have no damage or effect, and will not drain...
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    Kids event!!!

    Alliance Kids event at Headquarters! It is time for another weekend of adventure for our younger adventurers. August 2-4, at the Montrose PA Faire play site, we will be hosting a weekend for the kids. It is our 7th year of running this style of event, the kids have their own set of easier...
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    August individual tourney

    Legit hits, not any IG strikes is correct.
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    August individual tourney

    Single fighter combat Single caster combat Archery Battle Sapper supreme Jousting Circle of riddles. Mallet and hoops (croquet) Bean bag toss (Corn hole) Entertainment-at the feast (Dinner Desserts -at the feast (Dinner Single fighter combat- Single hit/flurry/landed blow and step back...
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    Lost island act 1 preregister!

    Uh, there may or may not be any Sailers attending lost islands. Tough week around here...
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    June Fave's

    They have a Cave Troll... They call it the Tenderizer...
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    Opener favorites

    This was a good weekend to get a better grip on the rules, writing up close to 30 new monsters... Stat'ing a 'fair' game that was APL 25 was challenging and we learned some along the way. LOTS of kudo's to the monsters that kept you all entertained! The NPC crew was mostly on the newer side...
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    July Ashbury Pre-Reg

    I will also be NPC'ing Jim Sailer
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    Stormbreak Pre-Reg for first event

    Just paid for Marj Sailer and James Sailer to PC Stormbreak Jim
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    Magic Items and Ritual Cap

    Just for clarification, no Chaos/Earth aura, and does spirit link count as a rit for the purpose of this limit of 5?
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    2017 opener favorites!!!

    It was a good weekend! So, if you are blowing up a dam, what side of the river do you stand on? Is downstream really the best option? The Queen releasing the nobles from their oaths was a very solemn scene. The rapid succession of loyal subjects reiterating their oaths, and some new initiates...
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    Build Cap

    What are the numbers again for cap and hard cap?
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    Food situation?

    I am not volunteering, but I am wondering what the food situation is going to be this weekend? Thank you, Jim S.
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    April Ashbury event pre-reg

    I will be NPC'ing... Jim Sailer And he forgot to add so will Marj Sailer be NPC'ing
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    Paralyze and Death Curse functionality

    So, Selunari can resist curses, now they can resist death?
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    Favorites for the October HQ Finale!

    Christine hit most of the highlights for me. The combat between two of our many bad *** females went so well, so clean, and so intense. Very well done to both! Team NO Fear mod was amazing to watch. The NPC's had a rainbow of Arcane Fears raining down, and the PC's said No Thank You...
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    Need for Sept spell packets and Npcs!

    For any more reason why you should jump fence, I am just putting close to 6 pounds of beef jerky in to marinade... I am making the largest batch so far, regular, teriyaki, hot, curry, ginger garlic, and a Montreal bbq. Jim
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    Squire training this gather

    Dame Readella and Squire Gwendara, I also look forward to meeting you and the rest of the town. Her Majesty the Queen speaks highly of this community and its inhabitants. Sir Girard Rhoulous, Queens Guard