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  1. Matthew Mendoza

    Buying Eva foam

    Where is a good place to go and buy Eva foam or order it online?
  2. Matthew Mendoza

    hi, when and how to prereg

    Hi My name is Matt. I plan on bringing at least 4 other people who have never played Alliance before to the July event and we are all going to NPC. So that they can get a feel for the game and the other players and such. I've seen pictures of kids in game... is that an acceptable thing here at...
  3. Matthew Mendoza

    Where am I?

    (A dark brown furred raccoon-kin sits in the dreamscape looking dejected and afraid. Talking to himself, it seems, trying to retrace his steps and make sense of the situation.) I was on a tour of Ashbury with the Master Dwarf Valim and the shiny Imladar Elf Alto. We stopped for the night to...
  4. Matthew Mendoza

    Dec 12-14 event improvements

    Hello players! I am happy to hear many people had good things to say about this past weekend. But since it was our first event, I know that we have room for improvement. Any suggestions will be welcome, but please try to keep the criticism constructive. Thank you! Or if you don't feel...
  5. Matthew Mendoza

    6 SEP 2014 Meet the Staff Day

    Greetings fellow LARPers! Alliance Charlottesville is having an introductory day in September to give out information about us and Alliance LARP as a whole to new and experienced players alike! We will be going over rules and weapon construction, as well as helping to create characters and...
  6. Matthew Mendoza

    Making a throwing dagger

    I'm carving a throwing blade out of "couch foam". I'm hoping it will look like a blade made out of rock when I'm through with it. My question for those of you who may have made your own throwing weapons before is, is it ok to plasti-dip it? I was thinking of just dipping the blade and the tip of...
  7. Matthew Mendoza

    Introduce yourself...

    My staff and I have decided to give some background on ourselves so you know where we are coming from and our experience. I dont really know many of the Alliance community so if you feel the urge to share too then be my guest. So far our team consists of me, Luke Goldsmith, John Perkins, and...
  8. Matthew Mendoza

    2014 Schedule

    (Bold type denotes most recent changes to the post) *September 6th: Meet the Staff! For new and experienced players, alike. Come out and say hi. Chris Greene Lake Park, 4748 Chris Greene Lake Rd, Charlottesville, VA ‎ 8am-10am Set up (those volunteering for NPCs could show up here)...
  9. Matthew Mendoza


    I'm really excited now.
  10. Matthew Mendoza

    sewing leather on a machine?

    i plan to be sewing leather soon, and i was wondering if anyone has any advice. i would like to do it on a machine... but if i have to i'll do it by hand. should I get special thread? is there a certain width the stitches should be in order to not make the leather rip but still make it rain...
  11. Matthew Mendoza

    wylderkins unite!

    I have plans to be a Raccoon-kin soon. i have pretty much the whole costume figured out... except i'have trouble figuring out the ears. I've seen ears on head bands but do they stay on when moving through the trees? i'd be afraid that it would fall off when caught by a branch. i've thought about...
  12. Matthew Mendoza

    Possible New chapter in Charlottesville, VA

    I'm sorry if I got your hopes up, that was not my intention. But a couple of my friends and I are in the planning stages for opening a new chapter in C-ville. We have NOT officially paid dues to start the chapter and are NOT approved as a chapter by Mike,... yet. Mike suggested that I post on...