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    Rubber Insulation vs. Foam Insulation

    Hiya everyone! I've just been looking at rubber insulation opposed to foam, and I'm just curious what the general consensus is. Rubber of course costs a lot more, but it does feel softer upon contact. Of course, the worry is that it's TOO soft and you begin whacking people with the core of your...
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    In-genre bags and backpacks?

    I've been looking around shops and found that it was a tad difficult finding "in-genre" bags and backpacks at a decent cost. Do people carry around in-genre bags or is most LARPing possible without lugging a bag with rope and water and rations and a knife and etc.? I do have a nice leather box...
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    Impromptu Armor for newbies?

    Hiya everyone! I'll be attending my first event with my friends this weekend in SF, super excited for it. ^.^ I just have a quick question. What are some ways to add some extra Armor points besides being in-genre? We'll be first level, but a few extra hitpoints would ALWAYS help the cause. I...
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    Problem Involving Foam Insulation

    Hiya there! My party and I ran into a bit of a problem. We bought two types of pipe insulation, a 4-pack of 1/2" x 3 ft, and 3 3/4" x 6 ft foam. Problem is, the 4-pack is 1/8th too small, and the 3/4" doesn't fit the size of pipe we have, a 1/2" pipe. It jiggles around whenever you shake it...