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  1. Banradi

    Members of Alliance

    I think the strangest thing I find from this all is that numerous chapter owners and high level national employees have either stepped down or expressed frustration. Wouldn't that be an indication to introspect a bit? We can talk all we like, but actions speak louder than words.
  2. Banradi

    Gaming in the Time of Coronavirus (Console Gaming)

    I'm moving to a remote island tomorrow with a bunch of talking animals, but if you want to keep in touch you can book a plane ticket. SW-3109-3003-4342
  3. Banradi

    Seeking Aid with the Kingdom's Research

    Dear Randol, Pleasure to make your acquaintance. Where should we meet you for this endeavor? If you could provide the approximate distance to a Waymaker Stone it would be helpful but not required. You speak of doors. Are you able to expound on this? Do they function similar to the ones in...
  4. Banradi

    Higher Manifestation & Source Rituals

    Hi All, Is there an intention that source rituals & the higher manifestation high magic abilities do not work together? I've talked to a few people, and have generally come up with the following thoughts: Rituals with No Interaction ------------------------------- Enhance Source - I would...
  5. Banradi

    So...I have gas.

    From what we've seen in the past, these Mycanoids can attach spores to those nearby and infect them. As a result, I would advise also maintaining a storage of alchemical solvents to apply to those affected & prevent further spread. Safe Travels, Banradi Waymaker
  6. Banradi

    Highlights from May 31- June 2!

    I had a seriously great event. I was pretty nervous about it, especially coming into it completely blind with my build, but the emotions that I felt throughout (before, during, and after) are some that I hadn't felt in a while, which only made me even more excited. 1. Experimenting with new...
  7. Banradi

    So let's talk about Steepfall (what'd we call it again?)

    No Blue. Joseph is correct. Steepfall is the adventuring post. Springdale is the name of the duchy. Joseph, Thank you for your efforts in vitalizing this area. Should you need it, I can transport people there en masse. In addition, I heard at the gathering that the post was renamed to Sarr's...
  8. Banradi

    Assistance with Baron Bohmer

    Gideon, Baron Bohemer can often be found healing the sick in the Ravenswood Hospital. A Waymaker Stone will be able to take you there. Safe Travels, Banradi
  9. Banradi

    Translation of Text from Inside the Sea Chest

    Dear Trellis of the Forest, This text you have translated is absolutely fascinating. I’m working on some similar research as a part of my studies, and I would absolutely be interested in meeting with you to see this language that you’ve translated. We could also spend some time theorizing about...
  10. Banradi

    A Weathered Crew's Thanks

    Thanks to our mutual friends, the weather was in our favor after we made it through the maelstrom and were able to arrive at Popolos' Newharbor Port this morning, as opposed to another half a day of travel. Thanks to the merchants for supporting our first endeavor to and from Kundirk. Without...
  11. Banradi

    Hiring Adventurers

    It's always a pleasure to meet another captain. The Golden Snail is prided on being the largest merchanting vessel of Kalinthas. As a result, we want to uphold that reputation and ensure our clients' wares are protected. Unfortunately, that reputation also begets danger. Our largest concern is...
  12. Banradi

    Hiring Adventurers

    Things are looking good on our end as we prepare to ship out. As a warning, sailors coming into Sinsea from Kalinthas the past few days have mentioned rougher than normal seas. I'd be prepared for a choppy trip once we sail through the storm. Please let me know if you have any questions...
  13. Banradi

    Hiring Adventurers

    Goodman Link, Thank you for your quick response. I am looking forward to meeting you and your Order. We should be able to put together a bill of lading relatively quickly. As for specific numbers, here's what I've written down in my books. Does this seem amenable? Due to my negotiations with...
  14. Banradi

    Hiring Adventurers

    Greetings, adventurers! I am Captain Audrel Faske, and I have the pleasure of heading The Golden Snail, a merchant vessel from the Kalinthas Isles. At the end of this month, we will be leaving Sinsea’s port and making our voyage back to Kalinthas. We’d like to hire any interested parties to...
  15. Banradi

    This rule change is horrible

    Hey Droth, I echo the sentiments of everybody above, but just wanted to chime in and let you know that I'm also available as somebody to talk to about the rules, if you'd like. Best, Ian
  16. Banradi

    Channeling HM Abilities

    Edited #1 and added question #3
  17. Banradi

    Channeling HM Abilities

    Hi All, Just a few questions based off of what I see in the playtest packet. 1) If I choose Channeling Shield or Channeling Execution and a have both a primary and secondary school channeling pool, do these abilities count towards it since this is listed as "General" high magic, or should this...
  18. Banradi

    An Invitation to the Fate's Compass Tavern

    Mister Xoji, Thank you for your continued updates. If you are still available to answer some questions, I have a few in mind. 1) What is the closest Waymaker Stone to your location? 2) In times past, has Fate's Compass ever taken you somewhere outside of Kundirk itself, or does it appear to be...
  19. Banradi

    January 26th 2019 Adventure Day - Preregistration

    Announcing Pre-Registration for our January 26th Adventure Day at Wixom VFW Post 2269 The price for this event will be $35, and anyone who pre-registers will save $10 off the cost of the event! Food will be available for the cost of $5 a person. You can send your payment in advance via PayPal...
  20. Banradi

    Heya everyone, another "would people like this" thread-Trapped Chests

    I’d love to utilize trapmaking more often on mods, but the hardest part for me is the setup involved. If you’re able to figure out how to set up traps quickly (or heck if anyone reading this has any tips), that’d be awesome! -Ian