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  1. Jesse Grabowski

    June Virtual Event

    Hey folks! If you'd like to join us this Saturday, we will be having another virtual event! Mods, RP, friends, fun! From waist down we can be in our PJs! Light costuming if desired... or go nuts. 11am is the out of game start time. Go to Type in DeepjugTavern see you then!
  2. Jesse Grabowski

    Wednesday night practice run

    Hey folks, I am looking to hop on Wednesday night at 7pm so we can ALL do some practicing in anticipation for Saturday's live event. Go to select see it in action Type in DeepjugTavern (all one word) From there, we will practice getting our sound and video up and running and I can...
  3. Jesse Grabowski

    Alliance Larp Virtual Event Schedule

    Alliance Larp Denver Virtual Event - Saturday May, 23rd Schedule 10:30 am Plot and NPCs show up ( and click See it in action Type/head to NPCCAMP) 11:00 am Tavern Opening Announcements – how to virtual LARP (ALL PLAYERS should go to and click SEE IT IN ACTION! Type in/head...
  4. Jesse Grabowski

    NPCs only

    Hey folks, If you're planning on NPCing the virtual game on 5/23, then we would like to do some sample runs to get out any technical kinks. Tonight at 7pm, please go to From there, go to See it in action in the middle of the page. Then type in NPCCamp (all one word) From there, we...
  5. Jesse Grabowski

    May Game Canceled

    Hey folks, This is your official notification that our May game has been canceled. Stay tuned for more details about our online virtual game taking place instead! Jesse
  6. Jesse Grabowski

    Feb Event Canceled due to weather

    Hey folks, I am sorry to say that this event is canceled due to shittons of snow. Elbert got absolutely hammered and it's still coming down. They wouldn't be able to clear camp for our arrival, and even by tomorrow they will only allow 4 wheel drive vehicles on site. If you want to carry...
  7. Jesse Grabowski

    Article Needed!

    Greetings, It has come across our desk that Dreadrot had a run-in with Tar'Nakesis and Doomwing in the tavern during the Theater of the Dead last October. The Acarthian Times needs details!!! We are willing to pay 1 gold piece for an article detailing the information that went on there. What...
  8. Jesse Grabowski

    Mini cabins, food, and other site things...

    Greetings one and all!! I hope your off season and/or holidays have been exceptionally wonderful for you! It is that time again, to think about the next 6 games for 2020. With one month away, I wanted to give you a few updates and where we are currently. We have some good news and bad news...
  9. Jesse Grabowski

    2020 Dates

    Here are our 2020 dates thus far! February 7-9, 2020 March 13 - 15, 2020 April 3 - 5, 2020 May 22-24, 2020 September 11 - 13, 2020 October 23 - 25, 2020
  10. Jesse Grabowski

    Merchants Guild Meeting

    Greetings all, Our meeting this gather will take place on Sunday at 9:30 AM after breakfast. We can meet up in the tavern and then make our way to the guild hall. I have come across interesting information regarding powerful fountains that were used in ancient times to do various things. I...
  11. Jesse Grabowski

    Scheduling conflict for Jesse

    Hey folks! Due to unforeseen circumstances, I will not be able to attend the event next weekend. What this means for us... Plotwise we will be moving some things around here and there: -Living chess with Vexo will be postponed to Saturday of the October event. I owe someone a magic item for...
  12. Jesse Grabowski

    Loss of a building...

    Hey folks, Some bad news here... The building we use as MOD building and the guilds has recently been certified as condemned!! An inspector came by last week and noticed the side walls were bowing out more than they were comfortable with so we will not have access to that building... including...
  13. Jesse Grabowski

    August gathering

    Many will recall that in September 417 the Watchtower known as Inspiration was blown to pieces. The Annex needs its Watchtower and to that end it is my mission to summon the adventurers of Acarthia to aid in our defense as we rebuild our fallen watchtower. Lt. Reginald of the Ducal Army
  14. Jesse Grabowski

    August game

    Hey folks, Like I mentioned at closing ceremonies, the August game will be in Fort Collins and will run from Saturday 10am to Sunday 4pm. More details as to address and directions and plot info to follow soon! Jesse
  15. Jesse Grabowski

    2020 Potential Dates

    Here is what we can lock in immediately for 2020. March 13-15 - JCC April 10-12, 2020 -JCC May 22 - 24, 2020 -JCC Still working on JCC for Sept and October... stay tuned. Jesse
  16. Jesse Grabowski

    Magic item Auction

    Greetings Acarthians! At 10 bells Saturday morning, at the new location of the merchants guild, we will be auctioning off a magic item. Please see one of our members for details of said item. In addition, we will be selling a few newly crafted, and hard to come by Life Potions. Members- our...
  17. Jesse Grabowski

    Vexo's Game Night

    Hello Acarthians and friends, This Saturday night at 10 bells, we will be playing a game for the awarding of one of the most powerful tabards to come. This game is called Settler's of Death's Islands. If you are so interested in being awarded this tabard, meet me at the tavern. I will take...
  18. Jesse Grabowski

    Important things

    Hey folks, There is some minor construction going on that will not affect us this weekend except for the following: -If you note that a fence has been erected where there wasn't one last time, NO this is not a mod site, it is an area that is being renovated for construction. Due to Easter...
  19. Jesse Grabowski

    Tavern stuffs

    Hey folks, I am looking for 2 volunteers after each meal to help us out in the kitchen. It will most likely be at the end of the meal service, but please check in with Dia to see when she needs you and what you can do. Sat breakfast (2 people) Sat dinner (2 people) Sun breakfast (2 people)...
  20. Jesse Grabowski

    Meal Plan

    Hey folks! We are trying to change the website and its paypal option, but please do not pay for the meal plan directly to me as you have been. Dia will be handling this and all meal plan payments should go to her for the remainder of 2019. If you have already paid me, I will forward your...