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  1. PYKE

    Sorcerous Triage Catalyst

    Having to use a Catalyst for a once ever seems overboard. This is a high magic ability so having to find a Catalyst to use as a rebirth is too much and may never be used. On that note it cant not be converted over in the new rule system in the rebirth aspect. This will be coveted ritual for sure...
  2. PYKE

    Ivory Tower

    I have had little time to invest into this problem over the winter, so I intend to assault the base of the encampment next market day and hope to have to get into the tower and cleanse the problem I believe is causing the state of the stone elves holding power around the tower. I have seen them...
  3. PYKE

    master level crafting benefits

    With the new rituals and the ability to identify production in a circle the benefit for getting 20 ranks into potion, alchemy compared to scrolls and blacksmith seem unrewarding. There should be a better bonus for becoming a master level crafter. I know there has been talks in the background but...
  4. PYKE

    First Event Items To Bring

    Being our first event wanted to get a check list going for people who are new or just forgetful. Please add to the list if I didn't cover it. 1.warm sleeping bag plus blankets. Will be cold 2. extra extra clothes. Socks at least 4 pair if not more. three changes of clothes. it may rain and...
  5. PYKE

    workplace of convenience?

    Where did this ritual go? I have change some of my magic item changed over to use this.
  6. PYKE

    steaks and breakfast cost

    Are you one who enjoys a fancy steak with their meal? At lunch I will be serving steaks for 2 gold a piece. If you wake up in time for a good breakfast I will be making plates for 2 gold as well, bacon, hashbrowns, eggs, and toast, coffee will be free. Pyke.
  7. PYKE

    New Year New Problems

    Market day is coming quick and money is to be made. Who has on going problems steaming from the years past that have not been taken care of? I have been dealing with the ivory tower and the Ashdown Woods. Both will have my attention but looking to help else where when needed. Pyke
  8. PYKE

    tavern meals

    We will be offering meals on Saturday for lunch and dinner Sloppy Joes for lunch and chilli for dinner As with the previous events. The tavern is through the mist and anything left is now somewhere else. Jared
  9. PYKE

    poll on lights

    I can set up lights for the pc side this event that will be around my tent. They will give alot of light. Or do we want to just go with the fire.
  10. PYKE

    item for sale

    For sale: 20 rit perm celestial short sword. LCO (traverse) (oog. I am looking to sell this as to look forward to the new rules and possibly a race change again.... but would not be able to use it and being it spirit locked to me I would hate to dfm a perm so I don't have it on me) Item on it...
  11. PYKE

    info dump

    Been gone for 2 years and want to know anything I will have to be looking out for. I have my own personal quest but that is just that personal. What has the most been doing and what new things are there. Pyke
  12. PYKE


    This may or may not be connected but the undead town that I have been telling people about may or may not be the base for the Illithid. The master has a clear line to the barroness of Merrow and she has a direct line to the king. For those that want info this is what I have found. I do know what...
  13. PYKE

    I have tried to keep tabs but can you help

    I feel a strong urgency to mend my relationship with the malakari stone elves. I know Im a wanted fugitive and need to tell my story. This may be dangerous for me but with help I think i can mend it. I have word coming to ardic that will give me a place and time to meet. I have been ambushed...
  14. PYKE

    [.11] meditate skills lost to evade or dodges

    If I were to swing and miss on a assassinate. I could meditate is back. But if a oog call of evade or dodged was used to show it didn't hit and missed I can't. In looking at it from in game eyes I did miss and could be able to meditate and bring back that skill. Something to ponder on... Jared
  15. PYKE

    [.11] Being a fighter

    After a play test event as a rouge I started looking at maybe making a fighter as I didn't see many play. I made a charter build for a fighter and saw the sad reality that fighters are horrible to play now. As a rouge I had built it as a take out hitter with evades and dodges. Using alot of...
  16. PYKE

    [.11] Surprise attack examples?

    Surprise Attack - 6 XP (Rogue), 90 XP Stealth Skills, Passive – once this skill has been purchased, the character may ignore positioning requirements when attacking a character performing a Counted Action such as a Rift or Killing Blow. With such high prerequisites I think this skill would be...
  17. PYKE

    [.11] sleep/paralysis blow

    As a rouge I like this but want to get clarification on affect group. When calling sleep blow is it a command affect? Or a weapon style. Should wording be changed if not a command so not to be mixed up.
  18. PYKE

    I am in need of help

    My illness has almost over taken me. Blood pours from my eyes and the only relief I see is a tasty berry. A tasty berry for some fearse woodland creature. I may not be able to fight them on my own or even at all. I only seek the berries. If you can help please meet me Friday night as it is...
  19. PYKE

    the remains of hoblings found

    5 hoblings have been found in the capital city. All have been murdered and one has had its back carved with a tree with a slash through it. A request from ulth city to the adventures to find the person responsible for this has been sent. A production shop with social tools will be granted to...
  20. PYKE

    searching for gas traps

    Dear dragonreach, I have been tasked to help with the myconid problem and seek to find as many gas traps as I can get. I seek to be prepared for a battle and having gas traps will certainly help. I ask the guilds to look into their coffers and see what they have and those traveling from other...