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    Kids event!!!

    Alliance Kids event at Headquarters! It is time for another weekend of adventure for our younger adventurers. August 2-4, at the Montrose PA Faire play site, we will be hosting a weekend for the kids. It is our 7th year of running this style of event, the kids have their own set of easier...
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    August individual tourney

    Single fighter combat Single caster combat Archery Battle Sapper supreme Jousting Circle of riddles. Mallet and hoops (croquet) Bean bag toss (Corn hole) Entertainment-at the feast (Dinner Desserts -at the feast (Dinner Single fighter combat- Single hit/flurry/landed blow and step back...
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    June Fave's

    They have a Cave Troll... They call it the Tenderizer...
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    Food situation?

    I am not volunteering, but I am wondering what the food situation is going to be this weekend? Thank you, Jim S.
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    Squire training this gather

    Greetings, I have been tasked with Squire training for this gather. Any Squires, and those who wish to be squire, the training will commence at 9 bells, Sunday morning of the gather. Topics to include The Code, tactics, and choices made both on the field and off. Sir Girard Rhoulous, of the...
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    Fave's of September

    Please post your favorite moments and what you really liked about this weekend. Jim
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    Update from the kids event!

    For those that are interested, we had a smashing good time at the kids event. We had over 20 PC's between the ages of 5 and 15. The event went over very well with both the young and old(er). The event does count for goblin stamps and 'some' other things. We would like to have more non-parent...
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    Greetings and farewell.

    Citizens of Ashbury, and those that read the dream-scape, I have known many of you for quite some time, I have been at odds with a few of you for a shorter time, and I have just met a new batch of adventurers. I wish you good luck in the coming months and years. I apologize for my absence on...
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    staff vs polearm

    What is the harm done with thrusting with a staff? Is it much more than that of thrusting with a pole arm? Or even a 1H spear?
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    Prison and Oblit

    Let's say an evil Necromancer, say Tieran, gets caught and brought to the circle for an obliteration. The ritualist prepared all the components and the scroll, removed everything else from the circle, and started the ritual. Tieran breaks free in the last 20 seconds, realizes he can't take out...