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    Traveling to your lands for the first time

    Hello. Kerak and I will be traveling through the mists this coming weekend. For me it will be my first. Are there any special laws or anything I should be aware of before I arrive? Thank you in advance. Trevor Dae
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    Message for Guild Master Renn

    Guild Master Renn, please contact me at your earliest convenience. Trevor Dae (Oog: FB messenger is fine)
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    Sarr types

    Currently I am in the process of creating a black panther Sarr secondary along with my brother. In my current chapter (GB) there is one regular Sarr, a tiger Sarr. In my years of playing (off and on since 2001) I have mostly seen tigers and cougars. I'm sure there are plenty of PCs...
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    How many PCs have you had in your alliance career?

    For no real reason other then curiosity. I've had the same PC since 2001 (human scout), and I'm just now starting up a secondary(Sarr artisan) and a possible tertiary (dryad E. scholar). I know there are several players with multiple PCs and was curious how many they may have.
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    Past news letters and old posts

    I was wondering if old news letters on the HQ database and old posts, from at least 2 years and farther, are still available for using as an IG source? With my character coming back from a lengthy absence (10 years) I started to look up information on what I had missed and what info I could...
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    Opener favorites!

    Because I want to know what I missed :( 1,2,3 go!
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    Race diversity among chapters

    So I was wondering what the race diversity among various chapters are during a typical event. At most chapters I have played at, Elf and human are the most represented, with one exception at NH event where it was High Orc heavy. I remember when I first began at the HQ chapter there were a lot...
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    Traveling this coming weekend.....

    This weekend, Kerak and I will be traveling the mists to Urgwenteb. (Please excuse spelling) having never set upon the lands previously, I was wondering if any others from Barran were traveling there that we may be familiar with? A friendly face would be welcome! Trevor Dae
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    No post log for nationals?

    I was curious about how many of each class and race represented at the national event. Anyone have a list? :)
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    Resolved Channeling carriers through waylay?

    Hello all, I have just recently returned to alliance after a long Hiatus and plan on PCing this month after NPCing a few events to get back "into the flow". My question is this, with carriers on my blade ( silver, earth, magic etc) would they also be dealt through waylay? Like "0 silver waylay...
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    To Noldrik and Kerak

    It's been some time. I understand the two of you have found your way into a new land. I will be traveling at the end of this next month to Barran in hopes of finding you both. I hope you are both well, and look forward to meeting once again. Trevor Dae
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    Wolf kin

    So I was thinking of making a wolf kin and even bought a nice were wolf mask that fit my face pretty well. Even has teeth bared. However, because it is a werewolf mask, is there a rule about looking to similar to were wolves? Or is it a situation where it would be resolved "in game" if allowed...