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    October 9-11 Long Weekend Event and Season Closer Pre-Registration List

    Just pre-logged for Noelle and I to NPC the weekend. Once more unto the breach.
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    August Event Favorites!

    I had so much fun. I think the highlight of my weekend though was the evacuation mini-mods. Teams of two going to try and get people to leave. BK and Maluhia got the Blacksmith. Between the two of us we have enough to take down a simple Blacksmith but I dont know what prompted us to go with and...
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    September event pre-registration

    Hello, I paid last night for a private room, I would like to take the Water room if possible.
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    August 14-16 Event Pre-Registration

    Prelogged to NPC along with Noelle L.
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    Directions to Site

    Well it appears Google has finally caught up with Faire Play's location. You can now search for the location on G-Maps and it will show right up. Funny enough is that Faire Play is listed as a Park/Camp Site which really makes it easy to find in the area.
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    July event pre-registration

    Noelle and I are more than willing to hop fence for all of Friday evening. Hopefully we can get out there quick.
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    July event pre-registration

    I am so incredibly sorry for the confusion. I thought I put it in the comments section on paypal. All things given though its only Noelle and I in the room. I definitely have space for Tom.
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    July event pre-registration

    Question, I had paid for the earth private room last week via paypal. I'm guessing I didnt get it in time?
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    The Scott Kondrk appreciation thread

    Noelle and I watched Scott pretty much work on a new step from the tavern back in April. No complaints. No issues. He just pretty much worked and did what was needed to improve the site. Thank you, Scott for always working hard. Thank you Dee for running the store when you have the chance to...
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    July event pre-registration

    I was wondering if Noelle and I could register for this event. We weren't able to make it to May due to a medical emergency(I had asked about using that payment for this event instead in that thread). If so I'll be paying to use the Earth private room. If not then I can pay for Noelle and I and...
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    May event pre-registration: CLOSED

    Unfortunately due to a last minute medical issue Noelle and I were unable to attend. I want to still use the room credit for Duffy but I would like to request that the payment for Noelle Lequatre and I be used toward the July event. My apologies for causing logistical issues.
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    May event pre-registration: CLOSED

    i would like to take the open room please.
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    May 22-24 Event Registration

    Gregory de los Santos and Noelle Lequatre to NPC. We filled out the forms so you should hopefully have them soon. :)
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    May event pre-registration: CLOSED

    I would like to reserve a room if available since Joe will not be attending the May event.
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    HQ 2015 opener Favorites!

    Thank you to plot for letting me roll out Loken for one final time. That was a nice bit of roleplaying and something I needed after not having played for a year. Its always easy to roll in a character folks know even if dead than it is to roll someone alive but barely known. Meeting new...
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    November favorites

    I had an AMAZING time this weekend as did Noelle(Violet). The action kept going for me up to the very last battle. I had a fun time playing with PCs and NPCs and every event reminds me that the game we play is as fun as it is because of the people we play alongside are fully into giving it...
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    Who had fun this weekend? This guy. This year hasnt been particularly easy for me to get to many games. My main permed. I couldnt get as many weekends off as I wanted to come out and play, but everything I heard about GB from Duffy and Dave told me I should do my best to come out to the closer...
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    Pre-registration for October event

    Re: Pre-registration for October event DEADLINE SUNDAY I just paid for Noelle Lequatre. I missed Augusts event but paid for it can I use said payment toward this coming one?
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    Cloaks for sale at the event

    I will definitely take one for Noelle. She was freezing at the last X-Roads and I know she'll be more than cold this coming event in the mountains.
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    Chapter Favorites

    In my short amount of time playing this game this chapter has always been a pleasure to play at. I knew I wasnt going to make coin, I knew I was probably going to die horribly in some fashion that might get me resurrected but I knew I was going to have fun. I know I'm not alone, I've heard...