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    State of the Town

    Adventurers of Erabella Though the dust is still settling on our accomplishments this weekend, I want to take this moment to congratulate all of us. We won. The civil war that has plagued this land for far too long is ended. The leaders of the Royalist army have thrown down their weapons and...
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    Create undead

    I feel like I never got an answer on this before so I'm asking again: does a character remember the time spent effected by Create Undead? I feel like the answer is no because a character doesn't remember the time effected by corrupt but the spell text does not clarify.
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    Create undead and corrupt memories

    The text for the corrupt spell states that after the effect has ended the target has no memory of their actions while under the effect. I feel like its implied that create undead works the same way in this regard however the spell text does not mention it one way or the other. Is there...
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    Personal Request

    I know that we are all beginning to recover for the gathering but if anyone does not have they are working on this month, I have a request of a personal nature that I need assistance with. If you have the time to spare please let know. Zen Mallowbrooks
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    Biata feathers help

    I've been playing a Biata for a while now and I've been finding that I just can't do spirit gum for a whole weekend. They will inevitably fall off and need to be reapplied several times a day due to sweat or catching on glasses or whatever and if they fall off at night I never end up finding...
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    Town Box Requisitions

    Squire Zihr has put me in charge of the town box and I'm looking for crafters to make things for it. Below is a list of items that I'm looking to requisition separated by the type of crafting they require. Preferably they should be made from scratch so the raw materials in the town box can help...
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    Proclamation of the Adventurers

    For those of you who do not know me, my name is Zen Mallowbrooks. I am one of the adventurers from beyond the mists and for the past several months we adventurers have been trying to find our place in these lands. We have allied ourselves with the Freedom Coalition but, more importantly, we have...
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    Question on restraints

    How does endow work with restraints, especially in regards to using create traps to free yourself?
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    Gifts from the Ambassadors

    Last gathering, the freedom coalition received several gifts from the visiting ambassadors and they saw fit to pass several on to the adventurers. I want to make it known what became of them so no one has to wonder about it. The first gift was a ritual scroll etched in dragon leather from the...
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    Looking for an Earth Formalist

    I'm looking to have some rituals cast on an item and they must be earthen in nature. Please contact me here on the dreaming or seek me out at the gathering if you are able to assist. I will offer reasonable compensation based on our negotiations. Zen Mallowbrooks
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    Pre-gathering Announcement

    I would like a moment to speak to those not present at the may gathering this Friday, especially those hailing from lands other than Erabella. I will not speak long but I would like a chance to update you on current events. If you know someone coming who does not frequent the dreaming, I would...
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    Components from the May gathering

    Now that the bidding for the items has come to an end, we can talk about what to do with the components that were obtained at the same time. There were 48 components obtained, notnincluding those that were reserved for the Merchant's Imsight scroll. That works out to roughly 1.8 components per...
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    May Gathering Synopsis

    I finally finished compiling my notes from the last gathering into a legible form. I apologize that it took so long. I will make them publicly available for the adventurers to read but I want to make it clear that this is just my notes and the important parts of the gathering from my...
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    Research opportunities

    If you would like to help us better understand our place in this new world and you don't have anything to do until the next gathering, please let me know either here on the dreaming or in private. There are several areas of research or people to talk to that would benefit us greatly. Zen...
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    Selunari Traitors

    A little over one month ago my wife, Locke Rudari-Targotian Gallentine ze Rycha Voda, beseeched the families of Wayside for help in our final battle against our enemy of many centuries, the corrupt. You graciously offered more support than we could have asked for, but when the time for battle...
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    August Guest Plot Favorites

    Hey guys. I think I speak for our whole team when I say we had a great time running the event for you all. Feel free to post some of your favorite moments or things here! Some of my favorites in no particular order were: Dwasspor! Oliver and Gandian rping with Ladimer in the crystal. How much...
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    August Rumors in Pratorak

    (Here are some of the things you might hear people talking about around Pratorak in the coming month. Feel free to use any of these as a jumping off point for your August IBGAs. Make sure to send any IBGAs regarding the upcoming August event to Keep an eye out for...
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    Greetings from the Gain Train!

    Greetings adventurers of Gaden! My name is Julian Pottman. I represent the crafting interests of the Gain Train Ltd. and I had the distinct pleasure of meeting some of you in Tin Town and negotiating our third party contract with Goodman Oliver. For the fine details of the negotiation please...
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    Arcane armor

    I'm looking to procure or rent a suit of arcane armor for the upcoming market day. I'm more than willing to provide fair payment for it. Please either contact me via the dreaming here or send me a letter privately. Roy Gallentine
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    Need a weapon

    Hey, is there anyone who has a big sword? I just figured out how to use one. I got the framework for one, I just need a blacksmith to fill it in for me. Lightning