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  1. DiscOH

    [.11] Slow / Repel Thread

    Slow should be a 1st level spell. Slow is a 2nd level spell. Slow competes with pin. Like Pin, enemies can rip free from Slow. Pin stops people from moving. Slow does not stop people from moving. Slow is strictly worse than pin. Repel was nerfed significantly from 1.3 Repel requires...
  2. DiscOH

    Resolved Selunari Curse in combat

    We've had a lot of disagreements at our local chapter over what is and isn't an acceptable use of selunari curse (hereather CE). Some people think that CE turns off entirely as soon as combat breaks out. Some people think that as long as all your skills are still usable in some form CE is...
  3. DiscOH

    Wylderkin Curse

    Is selunari curse a legal racial for wylderkin?
  4. DiscOH

    Bestiary Entry - Vesp - Maelstrom

    Vesp Race of insectoids incredibly skilled at Celestial magic. Resists: Tracking - The vesp scouts are capable of flight and leave no tracks when walking. Scrying - Vesp cloak themselves in an esoteric form of obfuscate. Attempting to scry on a vesp will make them aware of your presence (also...
  5. DiscOH

    [.11] Poison Cache and Staff edge case?

    Does each level of poison cache grant 1 or 2 additional poison coating slots for a staff? i.e. does poison cache increase the edge capacity by 1, or does it create a seperate edge?
  6. DiscOH

    Tiny Circles of Power and Intruders

    What happens if the circle is only large enough to physically hold one player? Is the spell canceled? Does the intruder no longer get a choice? Aside from spell parry, what sort of counter play exists in these situations to harry a defensive tiny circle.
  7. DiscOH

    Controlled Spirit Store (Bottle) and Transfer Enchantment

    How do these two rituals interact? Does the bottle transfer phys reps? Does the bottle transfer owners? If so, what happens to the previous owner's spirit? Do both scenarios happen simultaneously?
  8. DiscOH

    [.11] Does anybody like resolute?

    It seems like dead xp. Is anybody excited about this @ martial 2xp per purchase? Is anybody planning on using racial resolute? I can't think of any uses.
  9. DiscOH

    [.11] Potency and Spell Store

    Do these effects interact? Do you need to have potency active while casting the spell into the item or while activating the item?
  10. DiscOH

    Resolved Shatter Untagged Items

    I was told by my local marshals to ask this here for clarity. What can shatter / Destroy affect? Can you shatter pants? Can you shatter coin? Can you destroy a chair? Can you shatter gatorade? We were unsure if it's literally anything within the size requirements, or limited to only tagged...
  11. DiscOH

    What's necromancy?

    Are death elixirs necromancy or just really illegal poison? What denotes an effect as necromantic? ...Asking for a friend.
  12. DiscOH

    [.11] Rogue State

    I've been having difficulty coming up with something rogues do better than another class. Are rogues supposed to be the best at melee dps? By 110 xp spent on damage, rogues and scouts will hit for the same bonus damage from behind. By 200 xp spent, scouts will hit for more rear bonus damage...
  13. DiscOH

    Controlled Spirit Store and Seek the Whole

    How do these things interact? Can you use a person's body to find their spirit? Is a spirit physically larger than the myriad of shed skin cells that fall off a person's body during a day? Can you use a person's spirit to find their body? Are the spirit and the body a single thing to be...
  14. DiscOH

    Follow up: circle lock + link: casting order

    Circle lock can't be cast on something that already contains a spirit link/lock. Can sprit link/lock be cast on something containing a circle lock?
  15. DiscOH

    Wylderkin double dip

    Can you choose the same racial twice for your wylderkin? For instance: Racial proficiency Racial proficiency
  16. DiscOH

    Circle Lock + Spirit Link + Resurrection

    What happens if you're spirit locked to an item that's circle locked and you die? Does your spirit haunt the circle until its destruction? EDIT: Title should say spirit lock, not spirit link
  17. DiscOH

    Combination Wards

    Is it possible to have two sets of wards with the same portal? For instance: Is it possible to have a building that requires the approval of two separate parties to enter or leave? Real life example: Two-man nuclear keys
  18. DiscOH

    Just to clarify

    I've had several people come up to me and make sure I'm ok as a result of the last game. Just so everybody knows and nobody is worried about me: I've never had a negative player interaction while participating in alliance. If Desky ends up not being playable, I'll still be playing. I enjoy...
  19. DiscOH

    Refusing a ritual

    Is refusing a ritual an in game or an OOG decision? Can you (for instance) be enslaved to accept a spirit lock ritual?
  20. DiscOH

    Resolved Potables and Metabolism

    I've asked most of my local marshals this, so escalating to ARC: What potables do and don't work on creatures with no metabolism? Obviously don't: Harmful mixables (Alteration, Command, Curse, Damage, Gift) Maybe don't: Harmful unmixables (Greater Command) Helpful Alchemy (Antidote, Healing)...