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    Let's talk garb

    I've been thinking about upgrading my kit for some time now and have been admiring a lot of peoples gear at game. So I figured I might as well just ask. What are some people's recommendations for getting good custom garb locally? I've got some cool ideas but I suck at sewing and want to support...
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    Seeking a nice club

    Well, I have finally practiced enough with sticks to feel comfortable protecting myself so I am now in the market for a nice club, or any other suitable blunt weapon that someone could sell me. I would prefer something without much metal and would love to purchase anything imbued with earth...
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    Well, it looks like I stumbled into the wrong lands on my way through the mists from the Golden Horn. I am assuming that I have landed around Tarndale based upon the flora and fauna that I have heard described from this place. I will ask a local farmer for directions and will make my way toward...
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    seeking refuge

    Hello, My name is Melvynoxus Fungiflora Resdonkorg or just Melvyn for the sake of brevity, I will hopefully be in landfall in a weeks time or so and am seeking a place to stay that Is preferrably free of celestial magic. Also, I have heard that there is another spore who has in the past...
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    A question of Duty

    Ever since I was executed at the hands of the Corrupt and stripped of my posessions in front of Sir Krieger and Lady Slice along with a few other members of the adventuring community I have been left pondering a question of duty. What it is that keeps me loyal to these people of title? And why...
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    I will be coming into town in a couple of days and am still without a bow. I am hoping to get a hold of at least a short bow and if possible a long bow. I don't need anything special, just something to kill slavers with. I have plenty of arrows for trade as well as coin and shiny gems. Thank...
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    Need a new bow and arcane armor.

    As a result of my capture and execution at the hands of the corrupt, my bow is currently sitting useless in their circle of power. I am now looking for any bows that are available as well as any ritual scrolls that may improve them such as elemental aura, spirit link, and damage aura. I am...
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    Arrows and trinkets.

    It is time again for me to begin filling my arrow stores, so if you have arrows for sale let me know. I am also in the market for magical trinkets of any kind that can help me stay alive. Thank you, Yames Nelson First Mate of the Albatross
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    Thoughts on the economy

    These thoughts arise from my experiences at a recent Seattle game. From my perspective there are two distinctly separate economies that exist IG. The first is the Low level economy that is based around the bare essential Items needed for survival. This economy is Coin driven and includes...
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    Quivers and using a large amount of arrows

    I wanted to get some opinions/ rulings on the use of quivers to carry large amounts of arrows. Specifically in the rule book I didn’t see a cap on how many arrows one could carry. In real life this seems odd. Basically I could carry 200 arrows in a 3 gallon bag without any penalty. Really what I...