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    General Lore about the Area?

    I’m excited! I look forward to it! And congrats on it!
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    General Lore about the Area?

    Or a ritual cap?
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    General Lore about the Area?

    Big question is...will there be a level cap by chance?
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    General Lore about the Area?

    Another chapter?! This is great! So many questions! Will there be any info forthcoming soon?
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    April Event Registration List

    Holy NPCs!
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    AGB 2018 Events

    “Final Barran event”? Am I misreading this? Edit: NM. Just read the post on the FB page. That’s what I get for not keeping up lately
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    Did ya'll do the thing?

    The anomaly is still a thing. They (it?) seem to be attacking more often as far as I’ve seen. I think they’re corrupting the plants and animals as well. Trevor Dae
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    Traveling to your lands for the first time

    So nothing really special. Necromancy and murder are obvious. I look forward to my visit, Lord Commander. Trevro Dae Ps. Kerak smells....feel free to keep him
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    Traveling to your lands for the first time

    Hello. Kerak and I will be traveling through the mists this coming weekend. For me it will be my first. Are there any special laws or anything I should be aware of before I arrive? Thank you in advance. Trevor Dae
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    Alliance Crossroads 2018 Dates

    I’ll be accompanying him
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    Alliance Nationals 2018 in Colorado

    Is Denver still level capped? And if so, does that mean the Nationals will be as well?
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    Late Night Food

    Is this meant to be IG? Just want to know so I can properly respond IG
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    Message for Guild Master Renn

    Guild Master Renn, please contact me at your earliest convenience. Trevor Dae (Oog: FB messenger is fine)
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    August 2017 Event Favorites

    Oh man, oh man, oh man! I was so excited about getting to the new site because I just had to run around in the woods IG and explore! And there was so much to explore! Scoutgasm! Favorites! *Meeting new players. Trevor remembers the time he was brand new. He's blessed to have such an excellent...
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    Stormbreak pre-reg for August event CLOSED

    I'll be paying upon arrival.
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    May 2017 Favorites

    Great event! In no particular order: Mod sticks! I love this idea! I literally walked though the woods on Saturday and discovered them all, read the tracks and went back to my group and decided which to tackle first. Wait a few hours upon completing said mod, then retrieved the next one...
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    Snakekin! Care to offer some tips/pics?

    The owner of Caldaria chapter, Jesse plays a snake kin, Kainen, and may have tips if you get ahold of him. If you still need them that is.
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    To those under the heel of fae or dragonkind, an offer of freedom.

    As I was reading this, I was wondering why he left out the undead as they are just as much of a problem as dragons and fae. Now I know. Trevor Dae
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    character class roles with the new rules

    Hey Dave! If you read the last sentence I posted I did specify it was unlikely. I also never mentioned anything about infinite build. Unsure where you got that from. As for it being valid to the discussion, I merely responded to James examples that he brought up himself and pointed out it...
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    character class roles with the new rules

    Actually yes, anyone can if they're willing to spend the build. Regardless of class. The rules don't prohibit the examples you provided. Not likely a scholar will ever swing 10's, But the option is there.