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  1. Shay

    Potion Physreps

    I did start being more careful about that too. But I am not so flush with potions to always have any given number of one, so some days the rightmost 3 potions on my shield are Purify, and some days it's just the rightmost 2, etc... adventuring is hard. Let's go shopping. :) (For potion physreps...
  2. Shay

    Potion Physreps

    I'm just sayin', I was unable to Purify you when you were paralyzed once because it was too dark to read my potions and right after that event I color coded those suckers. With duct tape, though, because I'm a savage.
  3. Shay

    Potion Physreps

    Or you're tired of not being able to tell your potions apart at night... >.>
  4. Shay

    Potion Physreps

    Also if bulk is more than you want, you can probably split an order with others who could use a few more vials in their lives.
  5. Shay

    OOG: San Fransisco Forum RP Updates

    This post was a while ago now, but as there has been recent concern about who or what might be listening to dreamscape conversations, is this still applicable? Are threads not specifically called out to be open to 'villains' assumed to be safe for players to talk? (Leaving aside the possibility...
  6. Shay

    General Manager Update

  7. Shay

    Stories and Event Reviews for Enerret 09/08-10

    Man, do I even need to say? Getting married. Getting knighted as an interruption to getting married. Getting people to oh spirits please help us get rid of all of the cake. The absolute roller coaster that was Kjeld's battles in the ring. When his opponent finally went down for the last time, I...
  8. Shay

    The wedding of Shay and Morganna

    Thank you for your correction! And for your kind words.
  9. Shay

    The wedding of Shay and Morganna

    Hello, my friends! Yesterday was, without question, the biggest day of my life. I am now married, and so very happy. But there were some people who would have liked to have been there, but could not make it; similarly, there were some who were with us Lerullus and were disappointed to not be a...
  10. Shay

    Sept event PC Primer

    I am Shay dea'Saryn of the Serpent Pride, Squire to Baron Viktor Aleksey Vasilyev of Brimm's Watch.
  11. Shay

    New Player

    I NPCed full time for about 5 years- it's a lot of fun! A member of staff will be along soon I'm sure to give official answers, but- there is no cost for an event for NPCs, though I think sometimes there is one to be part of a meal plan. As for the database, I would guess that you are probably...
  12. Shay

    Stories and Event Reviews for Enerret, June 2-4

    I'll start out by saying a special thanks to Resete who, after I discovered a garb emergency, loaned me his spare tunic on the no-armor day (if it hadn't been a no-armor day y'all never would have cared what I was wearing!). My favorite moment: shitpost o'clock while we waited for the Ooze mod...
  13. Shay

    Enerret Weekend Event 02/05-07/16

    Woo. Long time no see. :) (If I may suggest, you should change the Meal Plan link to the new menu just posted.)
  14. Shay

    Enerret 4/3-4/5 Gladiator Games of Caius - Favorite Moments & Event Review

    Yes, of course all the RP around Kjeld and his father was amazing, that goes without saying. But I'm going to put forth that one of my favorite moments was the absolutely epic exasperated eye roll from Kjeld the third or fourth time his attempt to explain to the Ashen Spire what he was trying to...
  15. Shay

    OOG Note re "On Many Roads"

    I just wanted to let people know that the reason for the post in the Dreamscape is that this past weekend has shown me that at the moment I am not physically capable of playing Shay without consequences. It's mostly a combination of a bum hip and tennis elbow. I will think about medforging but...
  16. Shay

    On many roads

    Greetings, my friends. I regret that I departed so quickly after the golems attacked the town, but a messenger from the Baroness called me away, and she sent me on an errand, which may keep me away for some time. But now that I have reached here in my dreams, there are some things I wanted to...
  17. Shay

    December 13th Enerret’s Tavern Night

    I'll bring some potato salad.
  18. Shay

    Favorites From Brimm'sWatch 10/4/2014

    Today was a great day. While when I think about it we fought an awful lot of undead, it really felt like there was a lot of variety in the mods. I was a huge fan. A very organic progression from "take some low level people to deal with some goblins" to "let Arkelos blow some stuff up" to the...
  19. Shay

    Favorites from 9/21 The Maelstrom

    Man, Isaac hit the most important points and said it better than I would have: the best part of the day was the community and how amazingly it came together. I want to thank the players who unwittingly dealt with my first time running a mod, and statting NPCs. Also it was great to see the new...
  20. Shay

    Brimm's Watch: Races at a Glance

    The Empire of Tian - A dynastic unified empire The Wēi Míng [way-ming] – In other worlds these superstitious people might be called Humans or Fey-touched, but on Enerret they are the Wēi Míng. These people appear as humans, with brightly colored hair containing one or many colors of the rainbow...