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  1. cerria


    **Overhead the crows gather and head towards the North, their numbers are so great, that they block out the sun for minutes at a time. The sound is overwhelming and becomes deafening to all near Westhaven.***
  2. cerria

    Crows all around

    Through your travels all winter long you see crows where ever you go. In the trees, on buildings, in bushes. Down low and up high, the crows are everywhere. the sound is deafening at times. Sometimes they seem to gather in places here or there. Some of you notice that the crows increase in...
  3. cerria

    Mineral Elementals

    Pebbles recently went talking to some old friends and received some information on some bad elemental stuffs going on near Steepfall. Pebbles would like to go get problem solved cause it seems like if we don't elementals will be bigger problem in Fortanis. Pebbles will explain more when...
  4. cerria

    Pebbles lost someding

    Pebbles lost something very near and dear to Pebbles. It does nothing magical at all. It very small but it mean da world and is extremely important to Pebbles. It is a little smaller den a silver coin. It very flat and it say SER SHINY on it. Dis thing mean lot to Pebbles, like alot. Please, if...
  5. cerria

    Have you seen my Poot?

    I saw you all and then, POOF...I wake up and you are all gone. Where did you all go? (Goes up to a tree and asks the tree) Did you find my Poot? You said he was with you? I will wait here for you to come back, maybe you come back soon? I like visitors! I will heal you with prisons! I...
  6. cerria

    pebbles feel odd

    Pebbles been feeling odd last couple of days like pebbles sick. Pebbles always hot and seem to enjoy da light of da moon much more dhan pebbles used to. It been hard to sleep lately. Having nite terrors...of teeth and claws, not being able to control my own body as pebbles do bad tangs, it like...
  7. cerria

    Seeking Information of Dark Elves

    Pebbles looking for any and all information on the Dark Elves of da lands. Why dhey left? Where Dhey at? Anydhing might help. No matter how small da tid bit is. Pebbles thankyou Pebbles
  8. cerria

    Need Sleeping Hole

    Me be Pebbles. Pebbles in town winter ago and it not go so good. Pebbles come back from winter sleep and want help people of town. Pebbles need place sleep duh. Sleep hole. What call you "bed"? Any room for Pebbles?
  9. cerria

    bakery orders

    I am going to be bringing supplies to be making cupcakes designed for SOMN to the event. The will be made fresh there and I will have a couple different flavors being offered as well as some diet special ones. Let me know if anyone would like a certain number of cupcakes ahead of time or if...
  10. cerria

    Sleep Hole?

    Me Pebbles. I know here. Is dar a sleep hole dar? Wayside not so nice people,had sleep in woods. no sleep hole dar.
  11. cerria

    Sleep Hole?

    New to Wayside.....Need sleep spot... Empty hole?
  12. cerria

    Favorites September

    I had a good time this event some favorites were: the scavenger hunt, which quilly got really mad over for not winning because it ws a game and he's gotta win every game somehow. All things Milosh lol hahahahahaha that was HOT!!! :)Sorren you are a tropper. finally getting unmad a eldarion...
  13. cerria

    national cabin planning

    OK so dave, Did you have any luck figuring out cabins? We need to get this figured out, forgive me if i miss anyone, vicki-elle katie-kyrie carrie-quilly ryan-tets amanda-liddia Jessie- Marcena Dave-Barrister (or Bunny lol i vote barrister) Seamus - Tarqaq Andrew-D'rezz Nathan Klisch Dawson...
  14. cerria


    Papa?...mama?....Drenz?...Uncle Jehan?....anybody there..It's Quilly....I got directions to come here from the turtle guy.....hmmm..Durl, that was it, but they weren't very good ones. I wanted to come see you guys so i'm on my way...but i'm lost...Uncle Jehan?.....i tried smelling my way, but...
  15. cerria

    the One-day

    i had a good time at the one day. It was my first good experience as an NPC. very sad that my first character is now gone but I'll get over it. Thankx for a good time everyone. Carrie
  16. cerria

    sleeping qaurters

    I visited this town on the last market day and was intrugred by it's citizens. At last market day, Life Storm was gracias enoungh to take me in and I thank them for their kindness. On this coming market day, is there any bunk that may be empty that I may be welcomed in? Cerria
  17. cerria

    Spell Book

    i am interested in finding a spell book for purchase or borrowing. Please send word to me if you can help.
  18. cerria

    nebbie: NPC vs. PC

    i am completely new to LARP and i am very interested in it. I want to get started right away but how? I am nervous about how my first event will go because i know nothing of the game. I have read the rule book cover to cover but should i dive right in or a NPC. i'm excited to start my...