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  1. Johanna

    Castle Menu and Housekeeping: Please read- important

    Greetings from the Tavern! A couple of housekeeping things! Many have many food allergies this game that I will try to accommodate the best I can. One word of caution: We have one among us that has an anaphalatic allergy to Strawberry. Please refrain from using any strawberry smelling food, gum...
  2. Johanna

    Returned items

    Miggs returned the bracers he was lent to tavern. I have forgotten who he said they belonged to. If they are yours, please pm me and I will get them to you at castle.
  3. Johanna

    Pre reg important note from tavern

    Hey folks! Your friendly tavern cook here. I can only see the google registration, so if you are only registering in the CMA, it is harder for me to know you are coming. I am counting on you to pre reg in google so I can plan enough food without having to bug Ryan for numbers. Please register in...
  4. Johanna

    News from the kitchen

    Greetings, Adventurers! I have been called out of town on family business and shall miss seeing you all. Squire Zihr of House Husky has graciously come to my aid in preparing meals for you of which I am truly grateful! Please, as always, remember to bring your drinking vessels. I wish you...
  5. Johanna

    June event housekeeping and menu

    Please remember to bring a designated cup for yourself. In period preferably, but a plain coffee mug will do as well. Light snack Friday (this is not a meal) Saturday am: 8 to 8:30ish until 10:00 breakfast will be served. If you arrive after that, and you are starving, please come to the...
  6. Johanna

    November favorites

    Although, many of you had characters that were put into some role stretching, character clashing, and persona development (not personal but persona), I was just wondering if you could pull out the positives of this game and reflect on some of the fun you had. I will start, although usually my...
  7. Johanna

    Why do you LARP?

    Dear LARP Family, Why do you LARP? No, really? Why do you LARP? I’ve had my husband ask me that for three years now. At first it was because Jeremy needed a chaperone. I’ve never been so out of my comfort zone in my life. Dave tells me to go running into tavern to say that there were undead...
  8. Johanna

    Tavern Changes and an Announcement

    I have humbly served you as your Tavern Cook and Keep for the past two years. Many times have gone by as I earned your trust working in the kitchen, then stewarding the larder and gold as the owner. I have been your friend and bread-keeper for several years. The time has come for me to come into...
  9. Johanna

    Tavern competition

    As fall always thrills me with the harvest coming in, I propose a little friendly competition for the next time we all meet up... I will post two purses for best dishes. The categories will be dessert and main meal. As this will comprise the majority of dinner, I urge you to participate. I'm...
  10. Johanna

    Tavern Notices

    Just a quick reminder that you should bring a vessel to drink from. It is very important to stay hydrated! A simple ceramic mug will suffice unless you have a preferred vessel. This market site has plastic cheezy dollar store ware and it really detracts from the tavern atmosphere. :( I have...