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    Items that are valid ritual targets

    Are the following valid targets for a ritual or spellcrafting? 1) A spellbook (regardless of aspect). E.g. quicken meditation or recharge prowess might be nice. 2) A different ritual scroll. E.g. circle lock on a guild’s spellcrafting scroll. 3) The same ritual scroll. E.g. spellcrafting a...
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    Dragon stamps Q&A

    Question: lets say I cast a ritual in game. Can I then spend dragon stamps to put a preserve duration on it, before the next event? (Or before the event that I cast the ritual?) Or is the intent that purchasing preserve duration with dragon stamps is only to extend other simultaneous dragon...
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    Game abilities and prison

    “Magic items in your possession can be used when bound or otherwise incapacitated so long as you are able to speak. Obviously, they cannot be used when Silenced, gagged, or otherwise unable to speak (such as when under the effects of a Prison or Paralysis).” (P. 114). 0) The above applies...
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    Considering travelling for Nov 15-17 gathering

    Hi, I recently moved to Omaha and used to play in the northeast chapters. I’m now pretty much in the middle of the Kansas, Denver, Minnesota, and Chicago chapters, and am slowly checking out each. I might be able to join you all for the November 15-17 gathering, but have some questions: -...
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    More ritual questions

    “Ritual marshal reviews the casters’ player cards to note how many levels of the appropriate school of Formal Magic they possess. Note that a Ritual Caster may choose to not use all of their Ritual Levels when casting if they so desire” p. 166 1. Is zero a valid number of levels to choose...
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    Formal link

    “If using secondary casters to aid in the Ritual, add one to the number of caster formal levels for each valid secondary caster participating” p. 166. Is this text supposed to refer to formal link, i.e. that additional levels (plural) may be added through formal link? Or can each additional...
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    Spirit recall and High magic

    “Unless otherwise specified, High Magic effects target a character’s Body and will always be on the body part containing the spirit if parts of the body are separated.” P. 148 Do I understand correctly that envoking a spirit recall (whether having it spellecrafted or cast as a ritual) will not...
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    Spell store

    Please share the ritual text. (It is not on the ritual list and some newer players just found spell store items).
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    Weapon swings

    I am very confused by number two in the following: I think I understand weaoponstrike, spellstrike, and elementalstrike. But I thought that anything with a standard weapon swing would have to have a damage numer attached...
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    Seeking staff phys rep to borrow

    Hi all, Southwest has a sale so I'm thinking of grabbing a plane ticket to visit your chapter for the 3-day event in October. Does anyone have a staff phys rep that I could borrow? Hard to take on the airplane... And while I have your attention, does anyone live close enough to the airport...
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    Explosive traps

    I cannot find an example in the rulebook on how Explosive Traps work. From the chart on page 37, I see they deal damage. From page 173 I see they shatter every item within range. This makes it seem like a call would be “50 explosive” or similar, but that isn’t a qualifier on the list on page...
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    Florentine and thrown weapon

    Lets say Bob has a long sword in one hand and a throwing dagger in the other. He has the skills to use each weapon by itself. Does Bob need the Florentine skill for the following? Bob is fighting one enemy with the sword, and sees another with back turned. Bob throws the dagger at enemy 2...
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    First Aid skill usage

    A few questions about this skill: 1) How often is it used? 2) Why does it only work on targets that are at -1 body points? What would be so bad if it was a passive skill, usable anytime to increase someone’s body points by 1 per minute (perhaps with some required role-play of using bandages)...
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    “The recipient of a spellcrafted Ritual must carry the tag throughout the duration of the Ritual. The Ritual ends if the person resurrects (unless the Ritual is of the Spirit Type), the duration expires naturally, the recipient receives a subsequent spellcrafted Ritual, or the spellcrafting tag...
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    Magic items and pre-reg

    In most cases, I assume that one may optionally check-in their magic items for an event (only bringing those items which are checked in). If an item is spirit locked or linked, or a ritual was cast on one’s spirit (so “magic item” tag says target is spirit), then I assume that it is required...
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    Protectives between events

    If I have protectives (e.g. spell shield, elemental shield, weapon shield, poison shield) active on a character at the end of an event, are they still active at the start of my next event? Similarly, am I at the same number of body points at the start of my next event?
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    Arcane versus prison

    “Arcane: The Arcane qualifier represents the pinnacle of magical might upon Fortannis, avoiding the majority of defensive abilities. There are no protective spells that work against the Arcane qualifier; the target must hope they have a defense against the specific effect or its Effect Group or...
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    Circle of power and rituals

    “Limited or Greater Circles of Power always possess either an Earth or Celestial aspect. When one of these Circles of Power is ritually cast, the caster determines the aspect of the resulting Circle of Power according to the aspect of Formal Magic that the caster possesses. A caster who...
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    Magical conduit

    Bob has one 1st level celestial spell, a 9 spell store celestial magic item, 3 tiers of celestial high magic, and a full celestial spellbook. Can Bob use magical conduit to put a ward in the spell store? Even though Bob can’t actually cast it?
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    20 Chaos

    Bob is hit by “20 chaos.” A few questions: 1). If Bob has “cloak necromancy”, Bob can say “cloak” to block the effect, right? 2). If Bob has Channelling Shield High Magic, Bob can use his channeling reserve and say “Cloak” to block the effect, right? 3). Do the answers above change depending on...