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  1. Shay

    The wedding of Shay and Morganna

    Hello, my friends! Yesterday was, without question, the biggest day of my life. I am now married, and so very happy. But there were some people who would have liked to have been there, but could not make it; similarly, there were some who were with us Lerullus and were disappointed to not be a...
  2. Shay

    OOG Note re "On Many Roads"

    I just wanted to let people know that the reason for the post in the Dreamscape is that this past weekend has shown me that at the moment I am not physically capable of playing Shay without consequences. It's mostly a combination of a bum hip and tennis elbow. I will think about medforging but...
  3. Shay

    On many roads

    Greetings, my friends. I regret that I departed so quickly after the golems attacked the town, but a messenger from the Baroness called me away, and she sent me on an errand, which may keep me away for some time. But now that I have reached here in my dreams, there are some things I wanted to...
  4. Shay

    Brimm's Watch: Races at a Glance

    [[This thread is a cross-post from a thread initially posted by Jim in the Announcements subforum.]] Part 1: The Wayfarers and the Tenebrous In other worlds these proud people might be called Selunari, but on Enerret they are the Wayfarers. These people wander most of the world of Enerret...
  5. Shay

    Favorite Moments: Inn Between - Meteors Part 2

    Who's got war stories from the Inn Between? I'll start: (1) That... spider... worm... Thing that dropped off the note from Myste. Everyone's reactions as it explored the people in the tavern were priceless. (2) Also, the reactions from EVERYONE when we realized what the statues were. Started...
  6. Shay

    [Twinspire] Guild Announcements

    Greetings, my friends. There are a couple of announcements that I'd like to make regarding Guild administration. Firstly, Lord Everbright is stepping down as Quartermaster. As Lord and Herald, he feels he has nearer duties, and so has asked to step back from a full guild position. If you...
  7. Shay

    [Twinspire] Guild of Outlanders bylaws

    As time is running short before the next time we are likely to gather, I have finished a proposed version of the bylaws of the Outlander's Guild and written a brief introduction to them, which serves to basically be a plain language summary. I may make further edits as a result of comments made...
  8. Shay

    [Twinspire] Guild Statement

    The Guild of Outlanders is shocked at the devastation that has befallen Fathomfall. The Guild denies any and all implications of complicity in this matter. If it should be discovered that one or more Outlanders had a hand in this unspeakable act, they will be prosecuted to the fullest, for those...
  9. Shay

    [Twinspire] Outlander's Guild- foundation

    Hello, my friends. Now that we have formally undertaken the founding of the Outlander's Guild, and selected its initial leader and enforcer (these are, as stated elsewhere, me for Leader and Dame Nyrani for Enforcer; we also drafted Lord Everbright into the position of quartermaster), I'd like...
  10. Shay

    Reducing armor value

    Back in The Day, if one had an armor tag worth 30 points and wanted to use it with a 26 point rep, one just ripped four points off the tag. Now, however, an armor tag just says "30 pts" (or whatever) on it. If we want to reduce its value to match an armor rep, how should we go about this?
  11. Shay

    [Twinspire] Outlander's Guild

    Hello, everyone. When last we gathered, the High Arbiter rewarded us for our work on behalf of Travaelia by forming the Outlander's Guild. In the bylaws (which can be viewed in Scholar Evergreen's library), we were required to select leadership and enforcers within one month. Now, however...
  12. Shay

    Stories and Favs from the TS March event!

    I want to start by thanking Bobby for bringing all those cookies and drinks. And also thanks to everyone who helped me carry chairs and tables back down- I had meant to say that at Listen Down but then spaced. As for stories: I was proud to get my promotion, but given that I spent the entire...
  13. Shay

    GoogleDocs Skill Spreadsheet

    I know people have made things like this for Excel, but since I don't have that I got bored and made one in GoogleDocs. I might be duplicating others' work but hey, that just means I wasted some time. It doesn't go to the level of total XP costs, but it's to help you figure out how many BP...