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  1. Winterthorn

    Attention all low-level characters coming to the Oct 25-27 event

    Hey everybody, It's your friendly New Player Contact here with an important announcement. If you are coming to the event this weekend and your character is UNDER level 10, please see me before you go into game. Thanks much,
  2. Winterthorn

    Converting non-magic items to 2.0

    I have 1.3 spellbook and wand/relic tags that I need to convert. How should I go about taking care of that? Thanks much, Lexi
  3. Winterthorn

    Dawnhart Stables is open for business

    Adventurers, -Are you tired of leaving your horses exposed to the elements? -Have you been yelled at by local innkeepers when you try to bring your horses into their establishment "just for the night"? -Are you fed up with other stable masters charging you an arm and a leg simply because of...
  4. Winterthorn

    To all adventurers who frequent the village of Knoch'len

    I currently have access to a select number of crafting recipes, however, I require certain materials in order to create usable product. I am looking for the following: (Note: these are all AGB LCO item tags) -Pieces of cotton, wool, and/or silk -Random pieces of bone -Armor quality Ironhide...
  5. Winterthorn

    Attention alcohol enthusiasts.......

    The Golden Gryphon Trading Company is pleased to announce that we will have a variety of ales, wines, and other spirits for sale at Knoch'len's fine drinking establishment this coming weekend. Our current stock consists of the following: Ales Driftwood Ale Grimdal Keegan's Skullsplitter Wines...
  6. Winterthorn

    Barran Adventurer's Guild

    Could a senior ranking member please contact me at their earliest convenience? I have a question or two regarding your guild. Many thanks, Zibiah nic Eala of the Fiadh tribe
  7. Winterthorn

    Looking for foamsmiths

    Hey all, Is there anybody going to the HQ opener that can build me a max length spear for the event? Please PM me if you can help me out. Thanks, - Lexi
  8. Winterthorn

    Citizens of, and/or fellow travellers to Amis-Moore

    Good morrow, afternoon, or evening to you all, pending on how the hour stands. My name is Doctor Farleigh Longmeadow, recently of Oldcliffe, and thanks in part to the penchant of the Mists to send me off on an inter-planar varda ride, I have found myself upon your quaint little plot of land. As...
  9. Winterthorn

    Lady Aubrey of the Gilded Claw

    My Lady, I have been attempting to contact my wife, Lady Commander Rayna through The Dreaming all day, but to no avail. It is as if something restricts me from reaching out to her. When last we communicated, she stated that she was on her way to your Flameheart Keep to meet up with you and...
  10. Winterthorn

    Looking for a Smith

    My companions and I will be travelling to your lands once more and we find ourselves in need of armor and possibly spare armaments. I know this comes rather late, as many of you will most likely be in transit to Midmeadow, but any assistance that could be provided would be most appreciated.
  11. Winterthorn

    To their Royal and Imperial Majesties

    It was an utmost honor to observe the history made between your great nations. I regret not having the opportunity to speak with either of you during my recent travels to Barran. Regardless of this, I wish to extend an invitation to your nations to visit the Kingdom of Arandin in the hopes of...
  12. Winterthorn

    To the Mystic Wood Elves beyond Moria's boundaries

    I bid you good tidings. I have recently taken up the talent of being able to comprehend the written word. It has engrossed much of my time understanding it's nuances, but I digress. With my current fascination with literature, I have also become interested in learning about the cultures and...
  13. Winterthorn

    Help me save this store

    As everyone knows, the current economic climate has resulted in the collapse of many businesses both large and small. One section in particular that has been hit the hardest has been comic book retailers. One such store that is teetering on the edge of becoming another unfortunate casualty is...