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  1. DracoIam

    Rice Bar

    Friday night I and some of my group will be selling a late evening meal. 1 gold for a bowl of rice and your choice of toppings. About 10pm to 1am. All local guards, guild members, Adventures and faction supporters welcome. Any topping preference should be requested now. - Gertude
  2. DracoIam

    Help with an idea

    I have an idea for a trap rep that I need help thinking about. Scroll traps mean Awaken scroll traps, I think an old bell fashion alarm clock would be the best rep, but how to set up the trigger?
  3. DracoIam

    Utah 3 day

    I will be going to the Utah 3 day event over labor day weekend. If anyone else is interested. I'm flying Delta. If anyone has small crafts they want me to sell for them let me know. I do know that there is also a Seattle 3 day event and a Chicago that same weekend. -Andrea playing Gertude
  4. DracoIam

    Kitchen Goblin Stamps

    Just wondering if those that helped in the kitchen were also getting goblin stamps or dragon stamps. Or if the in game reward was it. Thanks.
  5. DracoIam

    Crafting services Agust

    I am going to make the journey though the mists from my current home to yours in late August. I make things. If anyone has preorders I can work on the in my spare time at home. I'm a Master Blacksmith, Master Potion maker, able to Throw Traps and Alchemy, and basic Scroll making. My first two...
  6. DracoIam

    Visiting 3 day Agust

    Hi I'm Andrea playing Gertude from Minnesota. I just purchased my plane tickets to come to your labor day weekend 3 day event and was hoping to get a little help. I would like to borrow; A two handed rep, any, polearm for preference. Pillow Camp chair. I am also looking for a ride to and from...
  7. DracoIam

    Crafting services

    Looking for potions for that new potion trigger? I'm a master potion maker and blacksmith, and I make everything else too. Do I hear any requests? -Gertude the Gruntuled.
  8. DracoIam

    Thank you basket

    We as a community have need to create a thank you basket for Baryel of life storm located in Wayside. She used a sacrifice item to protect Jameina's spirit and I don't think I need to stress too heavily our community would suffer without her. If anyone has art or trinkets they would like to...
  9. DracoIam

    Hammock city

    I'm planning to set up hammocks near the tavern in the tree Grove and depending on the weather a whole parlor. Please feel free to bring camp chairs or your own hammock or enjoy any I set up. Extra sheetsblankets or throw pillows are always needed to give an in period comfortable feel. I...
  10. DracoIam

    two things

    first I accidentally read the complaint box as compliment box so you got a warm fuzzy in there. also where is this Gift list? -Andrea Gertrude
  11. DracoIam

    Order your Crafted Goods

    Howdy I'm Gertrude Clayheart, most just call me Gertie. I've become a bit of a master of Blacksmithing and Potions and I dabble in Traps, Alchemy, and Scrolls. I hail from Gaden That Was, the former Sheltered lands. I will be traveling to you this next market. I am taking orders for standard...
  12. DracoIam

    Traveling Magic Items Policy?

    I'll be coming from Sothern MN chapter with an established character, Do you have a limit on how many Restricted or LCO effects I can bring with me?
  13. DracoIam

    Coming from though the Mists

    Howdy, I'm Gertrude Clayheart retired military Combat healer from Gaden located in the Sheltered Lands through The Mists. I've noticed in the dreaming that your town has many merchants and my company is in need of stock piling goods for a large scale attack. I'll be traveling to...
  14. DracoIam

    Looking for a Spirit Root Tree - Reward

    Dose anyone know what a Spirit Root Tree is or where they grow. Maybe what they look like. There is a Dwarf brewed beer in it for anyone with solid information. -Gertrude Clayheart
  15. DracoIam

    Visiting us from the Mists

    We have a great foe called the Corrupt. I would like to give each of you a briefing before you arrive especially for the casters so you may know how to best defend yourself. Or if you are new to adventuring in our lands please let us know and we will get you information you need. I will also be...
  16. DracoIam

    Disjunction Studies

    I'm working on some new and interesting theories about Disjunction. If anyone has any information about the older magic the net work is made on top of or any interesting research on the topic I'd be much obliged. I have heard roumors that a Gorka of the Earth Guild worked on a pamphlet about...
  17. DracoIam

    Favorites for September guest event

    I wanted to say thank you to everyone who came to this past event. Thank you to my Amazing guest Staff, your talents amaze me. Thank you to all the great NPCs new and old, your enthusiasm really helped us put on a quality event. Thank you to all the committee staff, Decor, and Tavern, with out...
  18. DracoIam

    Bring your own Drinking Vessel

    Please bring your own Drinking Vessel. It cuts down on waste and makes our game look better. Your own Vessel helps combat dehydration. Please avoid plastic bottles in the tavern area. Dish washing station will be set up for you do wash your own drinking vessel. Your own drinking vessel can be...
  19. DracoIam

    Permanent Death Choices

    When choosing to retire your permed character dose the new card get half build or half XP? I'm having trouble finding the new rules. Thank you Andrea
  20. DracoIam

    Painted Portraits

    I will be in your area in the coming week and offer my services as an artist. A simple painted portraits is 1 gold. I work in water colors. I should not be hard to spot soon as I set up. Thank you, Gertrude Clayheart