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  1. Axle

    Can you Evade a gas or trap globe?

    Do gas globes and trap globes count as weapons for purposes of evade?
  2. Axle

    Claw Florentine

    So it looks like the Claw description in 2.0 beta rulebook was copied from the old document. The text says you need Two Weapon or Style Master to use two claws, but with the change to Florentine being able to use 2 short weapons at once, 2 claws (which cannot be longer than a short weapon)...
  3. Axle

    Empowered Strike is Useless

    Empowered strike seems to be strictly worse then magisterium strike because it costs more xp to get, it's only utility when it comes to necromantic spells gets replaced by Combined Strikes passive ability to spell strike any memorized spells anyway, and it doesn't get any benefit like Magi...
  4. Axle

    Consolidated Rulebook?

    Since everyone needs to be using the new ruleset by the end of the month is there a place I can see the consolidated rulebook? If not when can we expect one?
  5. Axle

    Spell strike with a weapon you don't have the skill for

    I just picked up a blunt weapon that has spellstrike stored in it. I only have 1 handed edged. I was told that I can still swing that weapon for those spell strikes, just not damage or block with it. Is this correct or do I need the 1 handed blunt skill to use those spell strikes?
  6. Axle

    [.11] Florentine and Claws

    So old florentine only let you use a dagger as your secondary weapon. The .11 changes allow you to use two short weapons together with the florentine skill. So does this mean two claws (which must be short sword length) can be used with just the skill florentine instead of having to buy two...
  7. Axle

    Crossbow hit counts as a hit?

    Hi all, I use a crossbow pretty extensively whenever in in the secondary or back line of a fight. I know I cannot block with the crossbow, but if a stray arrow packet hits it or a monster claw swings and hits my crossbow, do I treat it as if it had hit my body? It hasn't come up yet but I...
  8. Axle

    Ritual: Render Indestructible and rope

    Ritual text states that the measurements of the object being rendered indestructible cannot be more than 10’ by 10’ by 1’ If my target for the ritual is a rope does this mean that I can have a length of rope that could fit within that 10 x 10 x 1 foot cubed area? I guess what I'm looking for is...
  9. Axle

    Undead and Gifts of Life and Death

    So undead are harmed by earth magics and healed by chaos/necromancy. Does that mean that I can throw a Gift of Life at an undead and instantly kill it? If I throw a Gift of Death at an undead does it get healed or picked back up if it has been slayed and is still in that 5 minute window...
  10. Axle

    Arcane Armor and Waylay

    So I have 30 Arcane Armor currently. I vaguely recall that having AA protects someone for up to 3 waylay. I've assumed that I read that in the rulebook, but looking through it I cannot find it under the Waylay skill section or the Arcane Armor ritual section. Can someone tell me if this rule...
  11. Axle

    Question about Crossbows Physreps

    Are there any guidelines around Crossbow Physrep shapes or anything like that? I've only found a length requirement and foam type requirement. Does it need a handle or the two limbs on the side? I'm thinking about practicality when it comes to holstering it and the like.
  12. Axle

    Archers of Alliance, how do you arch? [Question dump]

    In my thirst to know all the things I now have a bunch of questions about archery. Please feel free to answer as many or as few you like. Where do you get your arrows? What's the best(cost effective) way to get a lot? What do you use for your quivers? I hear that you need a physrep for...
  13. Axle

    Is the right email address?

    Hi Folks, Is the right email address to ask about monthly blankets and back blankets? I've sent a couple emails over the past 2 weeks with no response and want to make sure I don't have a typo in the address.
  14. Axle

    Potion Physreps

    Hi Guys, At the Maelstrom game I saw that nearly everyone had these nifty plastic vials for their potion physreps. I wanna buy a bunch for future use. I think i found them on amazon, but I was wondering if anyone had a better/cheaper source...
  15. Axle

    Fantastic Beasts and How to Kill Them

    ** OOG This will hopefully be a continuation of another thread about the discussion of the many beasts of Fortannis and how to kill them, feel free to post any knowledge you have about creatures and their strengths and weaknesses that you are willing to share** (You see an amphitheater with a...
  16. Axle

    Wylderkin Racial Dodge or Racial Slay?

    Going to be a wylderkin fighter and I'm going to get a racial proficiency as one of my skills. I'm on the fence as to whether to have 1 get out of trouble free card with racial dodge or up my burst damage potential with a racial slay. Also, am I wrong in my assessment that Wylderkin are most...
  17. Axle

    A song of steel

    One - Two Clang! Crack! The air that the forest breathes is cool and sharp. The sun, not quite risen, lends a dim glow to the mist and dew shrouded woods. Two - One Crack! Clang! There's a whistling in the air punctuated with the sound of wood and steel being hit. One -Two Thunk! Crack! A...
  18. Axle

    Calling all leather... smiths, workers, mancers? !

    I posted a question about modifying leather armor on the main forum but Spencer/Terren informed me that we have some folks who are skilled with the leatherwork in our local community. I'm looking to modify my leather armor by about 4-5 inches in length as it restricts my movement at the moment...
  19. Axle

    Rituals on thrown weapons clarification

    It seems that there are a few rituals for making weapons more effective. If I have Damage Aura or Elemental Aura on a thrown weapon, do i only get the benefit for a single physrep of the thrown weapon? For example, I have 2 identical throwing knife physreps. I have a tag for a thrown weapon...
  20. Axle

    How to modify leather armor?

    I bought a piece of armor that looks great but is a bit too long in the torso for me. It really restricts my ability to bend down and pick up packets and thrown weapons and such. Any leather workers here with tips on the tools to buy to cut leather, how to treat the edge once it's been shown to...