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  1. meirya

    Travelers to Maelstrom: Questions, Resources

    Tisztelet People of the Maelstrom, and travelers to November Gathering therein, Like many, it seems, I am traveling to Maelstrom for November gathering. My companion Hildr' feels strong pull to return to her former home; I am accompanying her. Through dreamscape, I have heard some of what you...
  2. meirya

    Favorite Moments: S2 Ep3, May 17-19

    What were your favorite moments from the May event? Share them here! I'll share mine in a separate post later on, but I wanted to get this thread started since it's a couple days after the event.
  3. meirya

    August Favorite Moments

    Miguel will add in the IBGA and feedback links soon, I'm sure, but just so people have the thread available right away... Favorite moments! What were your favorite moments and quotes of the event? Share below!
  4. meirya

    April Snow Consolation Party Favorite Moments and Quotes

    It was only an evening, but I still want favorite moments! There seemed to be a lot of great RP interactions happening. Mine: Puck's sullen crankiness whenever he saw the fire elemental I was playing. "Go back to your stars!" Fire poi! Whaaaat. How cool! "I should like to have both the...
  5. meirya

    Consolation Snow Party!

    What: Consolation party! Some IG action, some OOG hangout, doesn't count for XP or anything but may contain NPC roleplay encounters. Where: Liz and Jordan's house. Check the Alliance LARP Denver Facebook group for the address, or message me. When: Official Friday evening 6-6:30pm start. But...
  6. meirya

    Mages Guild of New Acarthia Meeting — April 416

    Mages of New Acarthia: The Mages Guild will meet at 11 bells on Friday night of the upcoming April Gathering in the guild hall. Feel free to bring drinks and treats to open our first Gathering of the year. We'll discuss the revised charter (with new reduced spell ink prices thanks to the...
  7. meirya

    Mod Day Team Building

    Mod day submission deadline is coming up quick - Feb 5! Want to go to the mod day ( ) on Feb 27 or 28 but don't have a team? Want to go but don't have an idea for what your team will do? Comment here and we'll help you out!
  8. meirya

    November 415 IBGA form is live

    The IBGA form for the off-season is up. Apologies for the delay. Please still submit your mod day submission via email to however. Thanks!
  9. meirya

    Trials of Knighthood at the November Gathering

    To all citizens of Acarthia and attendees of the Ducal Gatherings in particular, On Saturday the fourteenth of November shall be two Trials as the ducal Paladins convene in New Acarthia to examine Squire Brom Farsmythe of Rivervale, who is in service to Dame Katherine Albright, and also to...
  10. meirya

    Recast: Dame Ishani Tiberion

    The character of Duchess Tiberion's eldest daughter, Dame Ishani Tiberion, formerly played by Cass who regretfully is no longer frequenting NPC Camp, is being recast starting this September event. Dani will be playing the character of Dame Ishani from here on out. You may have encountered Dame...
  11. meirya

    Technical Issues: Plot email address was down

    As a heads up: If you sent emails to the email address in the past few days/week or so, we may not have received your email, especially if you got a mail delivery error message back a day later. If you haven't gotten a response from one of us saying that we received...
  12. meirya

    Index of Post-Event Favorites

    August 415 Favorite Moments, Deadlines, Feedback, and IBGAs July 415 Favorite Moments, Deadlines, Feedback, and IBGAs June 415 Favorite Moments, Deadlines, Feedback, and IBGAs May 415 Favorite Moments, Deadlines, Feedback, and IBGAs April 415 Favorite Moments, Deadlines, Feedback, and IBGAs...
  13. meirya

    Thank you, NPCs!

    Players are pretty great about thanking NPC portrayers after modules and field fights, but sometimes in monster camp, we staff aren't as effusive with our appreciation as we could be. I have felt particularly impressed by and grateful for our NPCs the past few events, and wanted to express that...
  14. meirya

    Costuming: Rules and Community Standards

    We received multiple complaints after the July event of people in tennis shoes, jeans, and other anachronistic clothing. I'd like to take this chance to remind everyone of the costuming rules and speak a little to community standards. Hard Lines: The Rules What the rules say on costuming is...
  15. meirya

    New Characters and the July Event

    Due to the nature of this event, characters who are making their debut in July should figure out a way they got on the ships that are traveling from Bayside to Death's Islands. Your character needs to be on the boat when the event starts. If you are arriving late, your character can have been in...
  16. meirya

    Ocean/beach sound effects for download and use

    Sound effects! If you enjoyed the ambient tracks playing in the June event, you can download them for yourselves at the below link. "Docks District" played during the day, "Nighttime Sail" played at night. These will likely be playing in July as well, among other ambient sound effects. If you...
  17. meirya

    Announcing the New Acarthia chapter of the Loremasters Guild

    To the people of New Acarthia, The Royal Loremasters Guild wishes to establish a chapter in New Acarthia, particularly as the town is such an intersection of people from so many diverse backgrounds. However, they haven't the people to spare, and so have asked the New Acarthia Mages Guild to...
  18. meirya

    Mages Guild of New Acarthia Meeting - April 415 Ducal Gathering

    Members of the Mages Guild of New Acarthia and applicants: We will be meeting in the Mages Guildhall at 11 bells in the evening on Friday of the April 415 ducal gathering. This is a required meeting for all members and strongly recommended for any applicants. If you cannot attend, please...
  19. meirya

    415 Player's Guide, take 1!

    The 415 Player's Guide is up! It's divided into sections for ease of access (and ease of updating!), and indexed on the forums. You can find it in this thread here. There may be some edits and adjustments in the coming weeks, but we'll mention any changes in the changelog. Edit: Rivervale...
  20. meirya

    Request for article: Mission to Garthok

    Greetings to all the brave people who journeyed to Garthok over the winter! Would someone among the company please write and submit an article on the outcome of your mission to the Acarthia Times for the education and appreciation of all? It would be much appreciated and we would of course...