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  1. MarisaSilverrose

    Maelstrom July 13th Day Game CANCELLED

    Hey folks. Our Maelstrom Plot Team has had to pull the plug on our July 13th day game. They've been burning the midnight oil all year and need a rest. But fear not! We will be back to your regularly scheduled Eldritch Horrors on August 24th! If you've already Pre Payed for the July 13th game...
  2. MarisaSilverrose

    Maelstrom Tavern Night June 22nd

    So sorry for the delays on an official announcement! We understand this event is tomorrow and thank you for your patience. THE PRE-REG CUTOFF FOR THIS EVENT IS MIDNIGHT TONIGHT (JUNE 21ST) Date: Saturday, June 22 Time: Lay on is 6PM, come earlier to help set up if you like. Greg is also trying...
  3. MarisaSilverrose

    Looking for Information

    Greetings White Mist Walkers, Welcome back from Tian, I know a great deal of things happened. I heard that some people were able to speak with the Fey, I would very much like to have a chat with any and all of those individuals, for the sake of my own personal research. If anyone happens to...
  4. MarisaSilverrose

    To Those Who Seek to Rebuild the Order of the Silver Rose

    Greetings to the women of Fortannis, Many of you may remember the events of the Neverwhen where Briar Rose told those of us in attendance of an ancient order of women warriors dedicated to protecting Fortannis against the threats that rally against and seek to corrupt our homes. Many of us...
  5. MarisaSilverrose

    The Dream Realm

    Fellow Lantern Bearers and Resurrected, As some of you may know the dream realm of our home has long required tending and care. Myself, Tsura and Akemi have taken on the efforts to repair this realm. We have reached a stage where we require help from each and every one of you. If you have a...
  6. MarisaSilverrose

    Armor loan for May Game

    So the shipment carrying my new armor got stopped somewhere in Europe (Boo!) So if anyone has spare armor they would be willing to loan me for the May game I would really appreciate it. I can get something together for torso and arms. What I really need is legs. Actually getting the armor...
  7. MarisaSilverrose

    Race Change Wanted

    You hear a voice in your dreams. It is Morganna. "Greetings. As some of you may have heard I am looking to perform a race change on myself. If anyone comes across the scroll, catalyst or both I am interested on purchasing them. If anyone is interested in selling please contact me in missive so...
  8. MarisaSilverrose


    So with Debby Lyn's in Sunnyvale closed down I need a new place to get makeup and prosthetics. Any recommendations? I need a new set of elf ears, Black and white face paint, and some (preferably low priced) simple loop/stud earrings. Much appreciated guys, thank you.