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  1. Ithica

    Few new Suits of Armor Made, Commissions open

    Hello All, I know its been some time. 1st, I am opening my commission Cue for custom orders, turn around time for your custom stuff is DEC 2017. Also I currently have a lot of wares in made and ready to go, from bracers, pauldrons bags as well as Breastplates. 2nd, Here are a few new ...
  2. Ithica

    Concepts and Backgrounds

    Is there a place/addy to send character concepts and back grounds too? I have something in mind, and wouldn't mind a little a feedback or a thumbs up/down far as background. I have done my best, to stay in synergy with what you have provided as far as races and houses. Apologies if this has...
  3. Ithica

    Perm Catalyst for Trade

    Greetings, I Have a Perm Catalyst from Icenia, I am seeking a Perm Catalyst from Caldaria. And please friends, I need nothing, nor am interested in anything else, so no offers of anything else. Commander Ithica, Warlord, Immortals.
  4. Ithica

    Perm Catalyst for Trade

    Greetings, I Have a Perm Catalyst from Icenia, I am seeking a Perm Catalyst from Caldaria. And please friends, I need nothing, nor am interested in anything else, so all other offers I humbly decline. Commander Ithica, Warlord, Immortals.
  5. Ithica

    September Event. What you need?

    Hey Folks I am very excited to be attending the next event. That being said, If anyone needs any Armor, Leather supplies, Ring Belts, Kidney belts, Bracers, Frogs, Leather bound cotton paper journals, or NEW 5 pocket pouches/bags (yes 5 pocket, they are great). Let me know. FaceBook...
  6. Ithica

    New Breastplates

    Warlords Crusade Armory, formerly known as Warlords Crusade Leather Armory. (Blacksmith work as well as Scale-mail incorporated into some of my Leather Armor) Crafted a few new breastplates/armor pieces. Also, for next month or So I will be taking custom orders. In most cases the lead time will...
  7. Ithica

    Leather Order

    Hey all, Finally making it to a game after some time. If anyone needs any Leather Goods let me know, Pouches, weapon frogs, pauldrons, bracers, ring belts... Ill bring a couple tof things, but if anyone wants anything specific, style or color wise LMK. (I dont dye white FYI) -Toddy Easier...
  8. Ithica

    Sir Marcusagrim Anvilstrike

    Sir Grim, I have a matter to be discussed with you, face to face. I will be in attendance at the up coming gathering, and will make myself readily available upon your conveyance. General Ithica of Immortal Legionnaires Warlord of Tusnia
  9. Ithica

    ABC the quest.

    anyone watching this? I am not sure I'll make it through this first episode, let alone the season. Great idea from ABC, creative. Not sure my cup of tea to watch. -Toddy
  10. Ithica

    Need A Team.

    Looking for a Team to join for next months Ducal gathering tourney. Ithica
  11. Ithica

    Car pool to event?

    I know its late notice, but anyone wanna car pool to event. I am in Central Ct. right outside Hartford. LMK. Probably easiest to Text at this point. -860-922-4156 Thanks, Toddy
  12. Ithica

    Call to Arms: Assistance and Aid

    Greetings my friends, As most may know I have carved out a new homeland for Tusnian refugee's. A place beyond the pollution of undead. The position is fortified well and has become a great home and sanctuary to many but it is simply not big enough for my people, our people, any longer. Nor...
  13. Ithica

    Leather Armor, belts, pouchs.

    Bringing some wares with me if anyone has any request... Duel pocket pouchs? Ring belts, Kidney belts, Bracers? Armor? Breatplates? -Toddy
  14. Ithica

    Perm Scroll

    Seeking a Permanence scroll here from Icenia. I have coin, permanent magic items, plus more for trade. Please contact privately and simply name your price. -Ithica -DF
  15. Ithica

    Space Marines & 40k

    Well GW has finally got the release out of the new space marine Codex. I gotta say, it looks solid but skill based. I have Dark Eldar and Daemons that i play a lot at tournies all over and mustered up a lot of store credit on my wins. I can't believe this book is finally here, and the new...
  16. Ithica

    Here ye!

    Let it be known Amarathis defeated the Paladin who insulted us and our lands. I myself did not witness the duel but I was told Amaranthis healed the Paladin and would except an apology with many of us present. The Paladin held chest up high and took his death instead in silence without an...
  17. Ithica

    Archery for August

    For the Archery competition in August; do you need the archery skill in order to compete? Can we bring our own bows (if they would fit the period/ theme of coarse). If you have thrown weapon skill, can you bring throwing knives/darts/ spears? -Toddy
  18. Ithica

    Leather Goods

    I will be bringing some belts, pouches and other leather armor/goods with me to sell. Simply seek me out. Thanks, Toddy
  19. Ithica

    Spartacus Prop Armor for sale, onscreen use

    I have a few extra pieces / suits from Starz "Spartacus" series, real outfits used on screen. I am selling the following items as a set. Figured id offer it here prior to throwing it on ebay. Price is $375 + $25 shipping. Thanks, Toddy HARNESS ( 2 separate pieces) MATERIAL: Leather COLOR...
  20. Ithica

    Sale and trade.

    Greetings, I am entertaining offers for a preserved duration scroll here in icenia. Please do not ask me what I want for my preserve duration scroll, I will consider any fair offer. Fair in your eyes or my own. That being said I am offering 300 Gold pieces for an Essence of a falling...