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  1. cerria


    **Overhead the crows gather and head towards the North, their numbers are so great, that they block out the sun for minutes at a time. The sound is overwhelming and becomes deafening to all near Westhaven.***
  2. cerria

    Totems Crow has

    Fouls, ALL of you!!! MUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The power of crow is no match for any of adventurer. - Lennox
  3. cerria

    A Dragonfall Competition - please Read ASAP!

    Pebbles do one in da Pride style !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
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    Crows all around

    Through your travels all winter long you see crows where ever you go. In the trees, on buildings, in bushes. Down low and up high, the crows are everywhere. the sound is deafening at times. Sometimes they seem to gather in places here or there. Some of you notice that the crows increase in...
  5. cerria

    Mineral Elementals

    Pebbles recently went talking to some old friends and received some information on some bad elemental stuffs going on near Steepfall. Pebbles would like to go get problem solved cause it seems like if we don't elementals will be bigger problem in Fortanis. Pebbles will explain more when...
  6. cerria

    Preregistration for March 22-24 - 2019 Season Opening Weekend

    Can someone please post the menu for the weekend meals?
  7. cerria

    September Event Favorites

    You guys made me so happy to be back!!! Health issues are getting so much better, I feel like myself again and y'all brought me back to life again. So thank you for having a great game. My favorites for the event... The barbarian attack and the interrogation that followed. Some amazing RP...
  8. cerria

    May 4th-6th Weekend Feedback

    OK I'm even later to this party lol. But after reading more and more feedback I thought I would offer mine. LIKES: Lunch food(hamburgers and hot dogs) was amazing! filled me up right when I needed it the most. The ritual at the Earth guild was great, granted I had...
  9. cerria

    Best Costume / Costume Improvement (May 4th - 6th)

    brigit! it takes dedication to wear those contacts. nice job! hope to see more of her!!!
  10. cerria

    Favorite NPC/ NPC Interaction (May 4th - 6th)

    CHAD! Gen and I were talking about how while his RP was. He went from Compassion, to OLAF the crazy Berserker, to the kind and gentle Dryad within minutes of each other. That's talent man...or your crazy... :)
  11. cerria

    April 21st Best Costume / Costume Improvement

    I agree, the hood and the pouch are badass, Lilith!
  12. cerria

    April 21st Best Roleplayer Poll

    I'm gonna say Ardos.
  13. cerria

    April 21st One Day Feedback

    I loved the aspect of walking around the camp and finding buildings, bodies and clues. The props in the woods were great. I just felt that it was TOO much walking. Some of it seemed extremely pointless. By the end of the day, I was burnt out and didn't want to participate because my feet...
  14. cerria

    July 15th: One Day Pre-Registration

    will there be food provided and a food cost?
  15. cerria

    Changes in nobility

    Paying gold to be considered "a citizen" seems odd. Most of us did not become adventurers to pay gold to help others. At least Pebbles didn't. Pebbles don't give crap about gold. But will not pay gold to be part of da community dat Pebbles has come to love and know as an almost home for years...
  16. cerria

    Food For Next Gathering

    Pebbles eat whatever put on my plate. Also, could pebbles request dat der be milk of da cow at the tavern? Pebbles pay good for it. Pebbles love da milk of cow.
  17. cerria

    Castle Favorites

    seeing all of pebbles (and Carrie's) dear old friends getting to hang with Asura and getting his damn bottle back and carting his GROSS celestial stuff til we got back to him!! brings back the good times the terror i felt of losing my regen because we all know that means that i will 10% the...
  18. cerria

    Thank you

    thank you to everyone of the NPC's that worked hard to pull off all of the events this year. There were some down times but all in all the good shine's through and keeps me coming back year after year. Thank you again to the NPC's, tavern staff and to the clean up crews!!
  19. cerria

    Please Do not murderface Goblins for no reason

    ok pebbles understand duh need to put Pyke in place..but Pebbles just want say dat maybe Pyke heard da joke dat Shiny, Tadron and Zues have with each other which has a A team and a B team of HOG members in da joke. Please ask dem about it and if dat's where Pyke heard dat before casting your...
  20. cerria


    Nahani, I will come to you over the next market day. Yours truely.........for now Powaqa Defender of The White Tails Tribe