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    A Threat

    [Trading Post Wall]
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    I would say I'm running out of patience, but I'm just getting started. Every day you keep the bone from me more will suffer. More will die. My sickness grows and my body becomes stronger. Ask your friends about my little pets. Soon enough maybe you'll see some familiar faces. BRING ME WHAT YOU...
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    Official Announcement from Sadeen Moor

    Sadeen Moor stands proud this day as the last vestiges of fear and chaos are swept from its streets. Let it be known that the terrorist organization known as the Quiet Ones have been crushed, and the tattered remains of the 42nd driven from our lands. My eternal gratitude to the brave men and...
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    Law of the Camulan Isles

    As we approach the Isles, it has occurred to me that I am not familiar with local law and custom. Is there anyone who is, or who could provide me with documentation of them? It would be most appreciated. Regards, Squire Prolon L'ar Captain of the Valediction Errant Court of Brittington Shaman...
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    Let it be known

    Here, before you all and the Earth itself I, Ria Vladimir Yulionov Dragovich have take Surion as my Childe. On this day of loss, let us not lose hope. Let us not walk blindly in the darkness. Let us carry the torch proudly into the night and face its horrors. Mozhet zemlya smotret' i...
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    Upcoming NH Weekend Event

    Hey folks, It has come to our attention that there has been some confusion as to the time frame of the event. We will be playing game until 9pm on Sunday. This will count as a three day event, and we will have an additional logistics period on Sunday. As we understand that some folks will have...
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    First Annual Moonsong Spring Festival

    Greetings and Salutations residents of Moonsong, the Hollow Isle and Beyond! In an effort to show our appreciation for everything that the they've done, we are holding a Spring Festival in honor of the Adventurers of the Hollow Isle! On Saturday May 23rd, from 12 to 8 we will be holding a fine...
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    Packet Materials

    Hey all, For those of you who weren't at the Ashbury closer, we are continuing to find packets made with none standard materials. This time it wasn't just cracked corn or sunflower seeds, there were peanut pieces in the packets. Those could not only injure someone on contact, but we have a...
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    August Event Favs

    Kindly place them here to feed our egos and make next months suffering less agonizing by placating us.
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    Shield Math Reminder

    Friendly reminder from your Head of Rules. If you are going to be bringing a shield to use at the August event, please have your math on the surface dimension's done to show the marshal who safety checks your weapons and armor. Thank you! Sean Metzler, Head of Rules
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    کوئی دانت ایک

    (OOG This echos across the Dreamworld in a distinctly Sarr growl) میں نے آپ کو بزدل چیلنج. آو اور پرانے طریقوں میں، پنجوں پر پنجوں کو پورا. آپ اپنے اعلی کا ڈر ہے جب تک. ہتیارا
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    Opener Favorites

    You know you love em. Post em up here to share the good times and make your friendly neighborhood plot staff feel better about their life choices.
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    We Are One

    Fortannis speaks in many languages, but only one voice. It speaks in the language of hope. It speaks in the language of trust. It speaks in the language of strength, and the language of compassion. It is the language of the heart and the language of the spirit. But always it is the same...
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    To all pinky freeloaders

    Dis am a warning to all you pinkies tryin to make your way into da Deadlands. Da lands east of Stoneroost and south of da Hollow between da two great rivers is all belonging to da Rot Slayer Clan. Paying customers still welcome, but any freeloaders will be taken as slave. Any attack will be met...
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    Ritual Cap for Alliance Deadlands

    The Alliance New Hampshire chapter will be instituting a policy to limit the number of magic items and cast ritual effects that are brought into our game. No player will be permitted to bring more than 40 total rituals into game with them upon initial logistics for a given weekend. It is...
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    Hey folks, just a friendly reminder, this is going to be a very packed weekend and it's going to be COLD. We're going to be outside a great deal and you should absolutely dress accordingly. We're talking 45 during the days, and sub 30's at night. Please, please, please come prepared. That is all.
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    Reminder about the Sacrifice Ritual

    Just a friendly reminder from your Head of Rules. The Sacrifice ritual can not be used in the case of unavoidable deaths, such as Obliterate, Shatter Spirit, or Refusal of Ritual Magic.
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    November Call for NPCs

    Here it is folks, our biiiiig season closer. As always, though especially now, we need NPCs. We will be posting up out enhanced NPC reward packages for November as soon as they are finalized. I know everyone wants to be involved in shaping the future of the chapter, but in order to provide a...
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    Diplomancer for Hire

    Hail and well met fine peoples, I will be traveling to your fine lands in a few short days and will be open for consultation on matters great and small. As is my custom when entering new and interesting lands, I wish inquire about any laws that one might find unique so that I do not accidentally...