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  1. Zihr

    October Castle Favorites

    Huge thank you to everyone, what a great time!! Some favorites in no order were . . . Bird King showing up and going on the Pantherghast hunt with us. Thanks for hopping fence the other way, Jeremy!! Roff as a Hobling and the really good RP it involved. Congratulations on being Squired...
  2. Zihr

    Task this Market

    Stationed, Cass? I don't think we'll have much help from the Coalition in the rescue - it seems most of their forces (if not all) are tied up with the push against the Royalists. I plan on doing what an old comrade told me is best in life - crush our enemies, see them driven before us, and...
  3. Zihr

    Task this Market

    Auryn, my deepest apologies. I'd say your stealth skills are so impressive that even I forgot you were among us, but the truth is it simply slipped my mind. Without your support and the opening of the Laurel and Leaf to those helping with the search I very much doubt we'd have been anywhere...
  4. Zihr

    Task this Market

    With the help of Mint, Matron Locke, Elros, Cap'n Bel, Edwina, and Squire Bruisey we have been able to track Lilian and Ghauld's whereabouts to an encampment in a forest on the northern edge of the Capital Territories. Stealth will not be useful here. Sharpen your blades, my friends, it is...
  5. Zihr

    Blacksmithing Request

    Auryn . . . you have no fault in this whatsoever. Please do not blame yourself. That lies solely with me. This is either a warning or revenge - I'm not sure which quite yet - against House Husky. I should have prepared them both better than they were . . . ~Zihr
  6. Zihr

    An open letter

    To those who have taken Ghauld and Lilian of House Husky . . . I am coming for you. Friends do not let a warrior go to battle alone, and I have many friends. If you return them unharmed, you will be granted a swift death. If not I will wade knee deep through your ruin as you are now my...
  7. Zihr

    Castle Room Reservations

    How often will the room list & waiting list be updated?
  8. Zihr

    The search begins

    Lady Knight Fiona - Robert, Gregor, and ... the other hired guard ... came to visit me before they left for the farmhouse as I was preparing our evening meal. Gregor especially seemed interested in what I knew about werewolves, I even lent him the use of one of my silvered longswords. At the...
  9. Zihr

    The search begins

    Beryl, Zen - that is most kind of you both. Thank you. I may be looking for a Vision scroll to assist the search, and possibly a Whispering Winds so they will know we are looking and to not give up hope. Zihr of House Husky Squire to Baron Marciano Gibbs of the Eastern Territories
  10. Zihr

    The search begins

    I now believe the junior Huskies have been taken. They have not shown up in a circle so they are at least alive as far as I know. I believe it was the werewolf pack I've been tracking but can't be certain of it. It just as easily could have been Royalists - the colors and symbol of House...
  11. Zihr


    (OOG - they're both home safe, this is IG only) Has ... has anyone seen Ghauld or Lilian? They haven't turned up at House Husky from the last market day ... Zihr of House Husky Squire to Baron Marciano Gibbs of the Eastern Territories
  12. Zihr

    Silvered Weapons roll call!

    I'm not telling you how to set prices, Gerty, but that seems to be a bit steep. Master Iganeous - I'll purchase the spare silvered longsword you have, please. ~Zihr
  13. Zihr

    Silvered Weapons roll call!

    Hello friends :) This coming market day we may have need of silvered weapons. Friday night will be a full moon, and there has been a pack of werewolves recently in Erabella. If you plan on attending the gathering, please let us know if you HAVE or DON'T HAVE a silvered weapon. Many thanks...
  14. Zihr


    Emma B is pretty amazing, but even she is going to be stretched to her limits playing both Ainsley (#7) and Agate (#11) . . . just sayin' :)
  15. Zihr


    When do cards get finalized? If I plan to buy a new ability or spell with my September blanket when is the last day to update it on the CMA so it is printed and ready for the event? ~Brad / Zihr
  16. Zihr

    August Favorites

    Another great event is in the books, big thanks to everyone for making it as enjoyable as it was. And a big personal thank you for welcoming my niece and making her feel included. Some of my favorites in no order are . . . - Liar's Dice with Count Salves and Viscount Sinclair. I shouldn't...
  17. Zihr

    I'm Comin' to Visit!

    Lord Silp I can truly say I am looking forward to meeting you with great pleasure and excitement, I hope that your journey from Wayside to Erabella will be uneventful. When you arrive, you'll notice the Mists are a bit different ... constricting almost. Push through and you'll find yourself...
  18. Zihr


    Hmm ... seems to be missing "of House Husky" after all of those ;) See you all at game! ~Brad / Zihr
  19. Zihr


    Does this site have showers?
  20. Zihr

    Looking for Kitespar