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  1. RedVirus23

    Howling Woods Bandits

    Demvarien appears in the mists of the dream with a rather serious look on his face, standing in his full battle attire. Adventurers of New Acarthia, I come seeking information. If any of you have heard anything about any bandit groups hiding out in the Howling Woods, I would ask you to share...
  2. RedVirus23

    Information Wanted: "Vysen"

    The tribes of the Howling Woods will be in some fashion electing a Vysen during October; this individual will serve as Dargok's right hand. The Town Guard is interested in any information about this process, but especially how this Vysen will be chosen, whether there will be a moot to decide...
  3. RedVirus23

    Ballroom Dance Lessons

    Can somebody put me in touch with the woman (whose name escapes me and I sincerely apologize for that) who is doing the dance lessons for the October event? I can't find the Alliance Denver Dance page on Facebook, and Demvarien would definitely know how to ballroom dance so I need to get some...
  4. RedVirus23

    Aurora/Centennial Practice Groups?

    The thread title kind of hits the nail on the head. Are there any regular combat practice groups in the Aurora area (Southeast Aurora, near Southlands mall, more specifically if there's one in Centennial)? I need to work on my skills a bit.
  5. RedVirus23

    Seeking Blacksmith for Silvering

    Greetings to all comers! I have recently come into possession of a new sword in an ancient tomb that has somehow survived the last thousand years, and is still in good condition. I am looking for a blacksmith who would be willing to silver it for me, as it is a high-quality weapon and there...
  6. RedVirus23

    Polearm vs. Two-Handed Sword?

    I couldn't find an answer to this with a cursory inspection of the rulebook, so I figured I'd make sure I ask for DENVER'S rule interpretation. If your polearm is a sword-on-a-stick-type glaive, what makes the difference between a polearm and a two-handed sword? To clarify, how long is the...
  7. RedVirus23

    Weapon Proficiency Clarification?

    Hi all, I wasn't sure if this thread was more appropriate for New Player Discussions or Rules Discussions, but I figured anybody who's been playing for a while probably knows already, so I picked this subforum. I'm a new player planning to start working on physreps today or tomorrow, and thus...