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  1. Alkalin3

    Covid 19 Cancelled Events

    In response to the need to cancel events in light of the Covid 19 outbreak, the Owners are taking steps to limit this situation’s impact on our game. The first step in this process is to implement the following temporary rule. Chapters may award XP for any Event scheduled (posted either on the...
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    Feb One Day Favorites!

    Please post your favorite moments for the event.
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    Feb 2020 Infograph - Crafting

  4. Alkalin3

    Shattered Realms Codex

    We've shared the Shattered Realms Codex with the Shattered Realms teams. But, we wanted to also share it publicly. This includes the Dragonreach's plot team philosophy for running a game or how we would approach running a shattered realms game...
  5. Alkalin3

    Alchemy Needs

    Greeting friends. As fate would have it, I'll be visiting the area soon. And I'm happy to let you pay me for some of my poisons and what nots. Is there a need you have? Maybe I can fill it. But, I price based on the order and what I need cause selling stuff isn't really my primary reason...
  6. Alkalin3

    Item Travels Infograph

  7. Alkalin3

    Favorites 2 November on days

    Tells us about your favorite encounters, memories, and stories from either of the two one days.
  8. Alkalin3

    Spooookkky Death breakup infograph

    Suggestions for October's graph provided by @Gilwing and @Paige
  9. Alkalin3

    A need for assistance

    Hello friends, For many years we've offered our assistance to the adventuring community with not much asked in return. We have a request now. While things have calmed down with the elemental wars, this has given us time to continue on our experiments. We've been working on a ritual that...
  10. Alkalin3

    Favorites October 11th-13th

    Tells us about your favorite encounters, memories, and stories from the October event!
  11. Alkalin3

    Formalist Needed

    Greetings Adventurers, There's a real opportunity coming to create a break in the elemental disturbances. We'll need folks from both schools having enough Formal Magic prepared to at least cast a ritual at least as difficult as "Summon Extra Planar Creature". We'll need several rituals cast...
  12. Alkalin3

    Class and School Breakup September '19

    This month I looked at Character Class Metrics for September. I added a bonus info graph showing primary school breakup, because its close to Halloween now and magic is spooky (or I thought these two went together, take your pick). This is only characters who have played events in October (if...
  13. Alkalin3

    Foundry Release new model of golem!

    This new model of it’s vasal class of golems includes increased dexterity, water resistance, and a minor improvement on strength. Citizens who wish to be fit for the new golem can report to their logical branch of Golemsmith’s guild. Some of these benefits can be retrofitted to old models, so if...
  14. Alkalin3

    War in the Unhindered Lands

    The war between the tribes of the Unhindered Lands is heating up and spilling into Brunston and Dwarfholme. Warbands of Orcs have been reported along with the floods of refugees. The factions seem to be settling out: King Krom’s Gnoll Kingdom, a group of Draconians, Shaman Many Flames, Chief...
  15. Alkalin3

    Sir Mafis, a penguin, picks squire at Dragonfall

    I heard Sir Mafis, renowned knight of the king, and also an actual penguin, recently picked a squire. This squire, who’s name is Violet, is a platypus refugee from the area around Thorncryf.
  16. Alkalin3

    Ebonwood Elves offer Marriage Proposal

    Many people have heard about the courting of the Queen of the Ebonwood Elves, and the king of Allacar. But, did you know that she offered a chance for our glorious King to earn her favor? I wonder who will win her heart?
  17. Alkalin3

    Secret Queen

    It’s no secret the King spends a lot of time in Bonney. Baroness Irania Oathbound was spotted on her way to meet the king. It’s no surprise. He didn’t get to spend Dragonfall with his secret bride! The people really deserve to know the truth about the Queen.
  18. Alkalin3

    More Red Willowisp!

    I heard that about half the folks who settled near that knight’s tower are now missing. Those two red willow wisp have been appearing, and when they do, it causes the kyn to disappear. Crazy!
  19. Alkalin3

    Strange Group Wanders the Border

    An odd group of people have been reported wandering at night around the towns of Ponpulet and Eastfield on the Northern border of Koroshi. They always stay together and make a point to speak with lone people at taverns and on roads. Often the people they talk to disappear from daily life only to...