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  1. Pokethulu

    Registration Thread November 15th Weekend: Invasive Invasions

    Wait a hot minute. Was that Dramthin, the keeper of the tainted grove?! If so, I am grabbing him for like the whole event. He has zero say. ;) Amanda
  2. Pokethulu

    September IBGAs

    Any update on this? Or did I miss something? Thanks, Amanda
  3. Pokethulu

    Important Updates!! & Registration Info

    Since it is our persona manifest can we wear mask, or slight make-up? Facial tattoos and such? I have a strong image if my character's spirit and persona and would like to represent that if possible. Thanks, Amanda
  4. Pokethulu

    Celestial, Sylvos and Stan

    Renshi Ignathis Nachtfeuer, I would be honored to share tea with you. Please send me a missive when you can. Matron FallingStar
  5. Pokethulu

    A message between friends...

    Saakra The Right Hand, It would be my hope that we could continue to be allies after what happened after last market day. I also know that the incident of which you are referring falls under a cultural and legal misunderstanding. In Wayside casting a Vision or Lore ritual upon an individual...
  6. Pokethulu

    Celestial, Sylvos and Stan

    Cyn, No, I speak of my flesh, blood and spirit. Celestial my son, my brother Sylvos and my cousins including Stan Evan Star were murdered by the Founder. He sent the town pieces of their permanently dead bodies. Matron FallingStar
  7. Pokethulu

    Celestial, Sylvos and Stan

    They say there is a reason, They say that time will heal, But neither time nor reason, Will change the way I feel, No-one knows the heartache, That lies behind my smile, No-one knows how many times, I have broken down and cried, I want to tell you something, So there won’t be any doubt, You’re...
  8. Pokethulu

    August 2019 photos

    Hi Everyone, On Saturday around lunch time we are organizing a group shot. This will be for the Public Relations Committee and to be used on distribution materials as well as within the Player's Guide. Please make sure if you are alright with your likeness being shared to be in your most...
  9. Pokethulu

    Snake Totem

    There is a chance that I may not be able to attend this next market. If I can you will have my formal the sunder Snake's mantle. If that is the path that is chosen. Matron FallingStar
  10. Pokethulu

    Summer IBGAs

    My tome of actions is being composed. ;);) Amanda
  11. Pokethulu

    Chicago CMA is LIVE

    Thank you for the update. Amanda
  12. Pokethulu

    Chicago CMA is LIVE

    I just tried to blanket Big West but, I could not. Should we send logistics an e-mail or do you suggest we wait? Thank You, Amanda
  13. Pokethulu


    When are we going to get Koshinari, Northshire, East Wood, West Wood and Southland? Amanda
  14. Pokethulu

    A Mission to the In-Between

    Fabian, I will join you and assist as I can. Matron FallingStar
  15. Pokethulu

    Chapter Swag!

    Would there be an option for a drawstring backpack? Or are we starting small? I would also love a coffee mug I could rock at work. Amanda
  16. Pokethulu

    ARB: Alliance Rulebook Beta Feedback

    I am disappointed that a race with three makeup variation options had only one color photo showcased. 'Dark Elves have gray, dark blue, or purplish skin, white or silver hair, and pointed ears.' I would like to see the make-up variety in the description reflected in the book. Amanda
  17. Pokethulu

    The new city of Gryphon's Harbor

    Sir Victor von Gryphon, I would like to meet with you and discuss the building of a school for the children. I believe that such and institution would provide much to the new homestead. Lady FallingStar
  18. Pokethulu

    An Introduction

    Goodman Duskmere, We shall see you next gather. Travel safe. Lady FallingStar
  19. Pokethulu

    My Friends and Allies

    Friend Aramis, I of course would enjoy speaking with you in this matter and would be honored by your counsel. Lady FallingStar
  20. Pokethulu

    My Friends and Allies

    Founder, I would like to speak to you this upcoming market. I have some additional questions and such to our last discussion. Thank You, Lady FallingStar