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  1. Fynwei

    August 2015 Menu

    Hello! See below for the August 2015 SoMN game menu. Please contact me if you have concerns about the meals not suiting your dietary needs. Please note, there is no separate vegetarian option this time... because the dinner is inherently veggie friendly! If you have not filled out the survey...
  2. Fynwei

    Coming Soon: The Roost!

    Poster at the Bird's Nest and in nearby towns. The Bird's Nest will be opening a new, private dining area for rent starting immediately. The Roost will have seating for 6, across 2 tables. The price is 2 gold per person if rented all day, or 8 silver per person if only rented for a four hour...
  3. Fynwei

    July 2015 Menu

    Hello! See below for the July 2015 SoMN game menu. Please contact me if you have concerns about the meals not suiting your dietary needs, or if you would like to register for the vegetarian meals (please specify for breakfast and/or dinner) and are not listed on your survey as a vegetarian...
  4. Fynwei

    Help Wanted

    ((A rough 'Help Wanted' board is posted in the Bird's Nest. Several notices are nailed to it.)) The Bird's Nest is looking to hire an artist for several signs. Please contact Lena upstairs for boards, paint, and other materials. Payment will be made in food. Ward needed. Contact Ole for...
  5. Fynwei

    Food allergy and restriction survey

    Hello! Dee and I are starting to put together a menu for the July game. Please fill out the following survey so that we can get a good idea of what our restrictions are. Even if you will not be at this game, please fill it out so we have you on file!
  6. Fynwei

    November 2013 Favorites

    Lots of fun this event! Top favorites include: Vermouth's flattery with regards to "how casually and seemingly effortlessly Rhys slices through her opponents" Duredhel's formal casting Duredhel's lesson in formal magic theory before his casting. (Seriously... Formal Scrolls are dragon's toilet...
  7. Fynwei

    April 2013 Favorites

    It was so good to playing again in Chicago! My favorites include: Getting to see all of Rhys's friends again! Daylynn intercepting a Spell-Strike Death intended for Rhys. Going most of Saturday without people understanding why Rhys was acting strange... stupid euphoria. Puddles. Dash-and-smack...
  8. Fynwei

    April 2013 Favorites

    Hey All! I had a great time, so happy getting to PC with you all finally! Here are my Highlights: "Backup hummers" for ritual casting Ice and fire imbalance mods (boiled crabs and destroying snowmen anyone?) Fighting the Dream Eater's forces (and the gorgeous mask for him) Fern's quarry mod...
  9. Fynwei

    Placing kitespar order - anyone else want in?

    I am going to be placing a kitespar order, probably Friday or Saturday. I only need 4 sticks, but if qnyone ekse needs any and can get me the money (paypal works, email me info) I'll put yours in with ours. First bulk discount is at 6 sticks, putting the. from $20ish plus shipping down to...
  10. Fynwei

    Weapon and clawsmith needed!

    Hey guys! I need 2 short claws (max length, no waylay tip) and a mid-length two handed sword (5'4" or so) before next game. Kitespar preferred. email me at if you're willing, able, and have pricing. :) Emilynn
  11. Fynwei

    Stepping down from Plot

    Hi all, This is a somewhat belated announcement. I will not be on the SoMN plot team next year. I have enjoyed my time on plot immensely, but do not have thew time between my two jobs to devote to writing anymore, and feel out of touch with PCing. You can still expect to see me NPCing, but I...
  12. Fynwei

    May 2012 Favorites!

    Hey all! I had a blast plotting your demises, as usual. :D Thought I'd kick this off with some of my favorites: The absolutely GORGEOUS new site! Seeing PCs get involved in and starting some of their own world-building Tea with Squire Victor and co. Goblin surprise! (How dare Jane cheat!)...
  13. Fynwei

    Attention Residents of Shademarch!

    Attention residents of Shademarch! Baroness Siobhoan Grey Shademarch will be holding a festival and tournament to celebrate her new position. Festivities will begin on the 4th of May, 1512. The event will take place at Shademarch Hold. Local taverns and government offices have been supplied...
  14. Fynwei

    Official Announcement from the Crown

    Posted in Taverns and Government offices throughout Gaden: Attention citizens of Gaden! The areas of Gaden formerly under control of Duke Idden, as well as the Valley of Solace, are now to be known as the Barony of Shademarch. With this, we are proud to present to you Baroness Siobhoan Grey...
  15. Fynwei

    Safer weapons

    On occasion, when discussing new weapon construction, someone will come up with the sarcastic comment of "Why don't we just wrap ourselves with bubble wrap and hit each other with balloon swords?" To those of you who really do want safer weapons (and also a real idea for thrown weapons):
  16. Fynwei

    Spirit vs. Soul

    Today at a plot meeting I was in, the discussion came up about the use of the word "Soul" in game. Some of the group thought it was fine, some didn't. What is your opinion? To start things off, here are some of the Merriam-Webster descriptions of Spirit and Soul (to see full list, click...
  17. Fynwei

    A message both posted and personally delivered

    ((OOC note: A copy of the following message is posted in the Taverns near Hope's Reach. Personal copies are delivered to those adventurers whom have been active in the retrieval of the Prince. If you cannot see the below image, follow this link: ...
  18. Fynwei

    October 2011 Game Favorites

    Hi all! I had a blast RPing (and getting beaten a little as a blade-eater) with all of you at this event. Below are a few favorites: The Martial Guild seminar Plan changes for retrieving the Prince Explaining the visualization of the alchemical and blacksmith portions of forging the Dagger of...
  19. Fynwei

    Donation Needs: November 2011

    Hi All! As you all know, the wonderful props, weapons, clothing, etc. you see at our game is donated. To keep our game looking nice, we require a good flow of donations to keep up with the abuse we put everything through. If you are for sure going to donate anything on the first list, please...
  20. Fynwei

    Toadhop Designs Masks Now available on Etsy!

    Hey guys, A while ago I posted some photographs of masks I had made in the past. Pre-mades are now available on etsy under my business name, Toad Hop Designs! It is a little sparse still, as I am in the middle of 6 different commission pieces, but more will be coming soon. These masks are made...