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  1. Stig

    Heading out for now

    Stig walks up to the portal to Calenhelm to retrieve the Lady Illandra to escort her back and then Yazigs realm so she can do her work as he promised Magi Evo. But first he must speak with someone about his actions recently, hopefully he will still be able to help Illandra if only to get her...
  2. Stig

    Walking the estate

    Stig walks the grounds of the Grand Dutchess' estate before bed, something he hasn't done in some time, contemplating the work he's needing to do before returning to the Luxx Obscure. As he walks he stops, feeling an unease, as if a wave of something flows off of him. He stares off for a moment...
  3. Stig

    Making an appoinment

    The doors to the main conclave building burst open rather quick revealing a semi vibrating, disturbed looking barbarian "Eeeeeeyuk!" He brings a tiny bit of composure to himself as he walks to the front desk as he stares wide eyed at the clerk and waits...
  4. Stig

    Portal room

    Stig emerges from the portal with a shutter gritting his teeth and points to the first person he sees "YOU! Is a weaver. Gotta pay? If yes den who?!"
  5. Stig

    Looking for .....

    "Eeeeeeevvooooooooo!" Stig waits in the main square
  6. Stig

    Wandering the noble quarters

    Leaving the last gather at the ogres head tavern earlier then most Stig returned to the estate of the Grand Dutchess keeping to himself the last couple days. Decidedly he feels he should have a chat with certain people now so he sets of on walk to find a house his patron had given him the...
  7. Stig

    Stig enters the enclave

    Stig enters the earth weavers enclave and approaches the front desk. "Need find Aezirs 'prentice Talon"
  8. Stig

    Stig arrives at the barracks

    Stig walks up to the barracks accompanied by his northern wolf hound. And looks to any guard present outside. "Is Stigandr of her grace guard. Need to speak vith da Colonel"
  9. Stig

    Arrival and departure

    Not long after the return to parsons breach Stigandr could be seen leaving with a small provisions bag and all his gear mumbling : "Vas too much. Need go avay. Set mind right. Return vhen right"
  10. Stig

    Looking for Talon

    Stig enters the tavern quite abruptly "TALON!!!!!!!" then sits in a corner and waits.
  11. Stig

    looking for yetta

    Entering the ogres head Stig looks around for yetta.
  12. Stig

    Rosewood Antiquties (cabin 3)

    "SHUD UP!!" Stig yells at the door as he exits. "Pfff. Vhy Siegert bring stupid door" Stig sits on the stairs and sniffs the air "Mmm. Snow come soon" he says with a little grin
  13. Stig

    Outside the Sanctum

    "Goda ask qvestion. Goda go in. Goda ask qvestion...." Stig mumbles to himself like a mantra while paceing the bottom of the stairs to the Arcane Sanctum. "Goda ask qvestion. Evo not able get da ansver. Da AZ Kaine vanting Stig ask. Vanting ask Stig more of qvestion.." Stig stops and stares up...
  14. Stig

    building a throwing weapon

    Ok so I've made cored latex weapons no problem, but now working on thrown. I get the nothing inside and weighted up to a D cell battery as just the weight of it (not putting one in it) but what could be used for weighting a thrown weapon and still be safe? Seen how toos saying bird seed/rice but...
  15. Stig

    polearm use

    Just a quick question. Polearms can be used dependant on what their head looks like (and safe construction) right? Ie: a hammer head "smash" an axe head "slash" a spearhead "stab" (with thrust tip) So a 2 ft long double edge spear like blade could stab and thrust? As long as it's...
  16. Stig

    Northern trek

    Arriving in Carrasville Stig heads to the port to board the ferry to Winterhelm.
  17. Stig

    Long road ahead

    Stig heard a caravan would be leaving for Calenhelm soon, but he wishes to travel alone for now and on a different path. "Much happen last days. Need go to Vintnersedge. Need know more of rumor vhat Cro...." he pauses "..Rothmound.. hear from northman dat was in town. But first go see Tree lady...
  18. Stig

    Heading to the stables

    "So? Boris knowing vhere dis Donna is?"
  19. Stig

    Standing in the plaza...confused

    "Hmmm..." Stig looks right "Ummm..." Stig looks left "BAH! Vhere is he?" Stig murmurs while tossing his arms in the air "Boris saying meet here in week. Him showing vhat big house is big Stig need go to *huff* Stig not knowing big village... er city." Stig paces impatianly waiting for his...
  20. Stig

    The Iron Brotherhood's cabin (cabin 8)

    Arriving at the Iron Brotherhoods cabin, and still keeping an I back on the mage, Stig now becomes quite weary of the mage's intentions. *Bam*Bam*Bam* Stig knoks heavy handed. "Broders! Is Stig. Whos is home? Might be vanting come out side...NOW"