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    Brennos wants you to buy fancy leather accesories!

    Hey Alliance People I just updated my shop with some neat accessories. I've also got some new sword and dagger boffer frogs in. Please have a look at Brennos.Etsy.Com I'm also looking for comission work. Check out the albums at for an idea of what kinds of things I...
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    New Stuffs for sale!

    Hey folks. I haven't been around here in quite a while. I just updated my Etsy store so I thought it would make a good excuse to drop by. I'm going to leave you the link to my store while I go off and read the latest flame wars between the dwarfs and the elves.
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    Boffer Frogs and other useful stuff

    Hey folks! I just updated my Etsy store. More boffer frogs, more greaves, bunches of little belts. There will be some LARP armor and some other neat stuff going up over the next few days. Please take a look! And don't tell the Gnomish scriveners guild I was here, they're still after me. They...
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    Etsy store is up! Armor and things stranger for you!

    I just now got my Etsy store up and running. Check it out for armor, boffer frogs, and various other sundries. I'll sell you the things you didn't know you needed! Check it out! Coming soon - Killer robots, throwing squids, and pants!
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    Islamic Men's Dress looks surprisingly neat Seriously, want. I've always vaugely liked the idea of men's gowns, from the long, flowing tunics to the gowns of scholars and doctors. Pretty much anything on that list I would be happy to throw on, cinch up with my sword belt, and go hitting things...
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    The twenty dollar A-frame tent

    12x9' Canvas dropcloth/tarp - 15$ 1"x10' PVC pipe - 3 $ String, tent pegs, whatever - ? End result? Maybe a cheap, easy tent to spruce up monster camp. Has anyone tried this before?
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    Pole weapon construction?

    Hey folks. I'm interested in putting together a pole arm, probably just a spear or a glaive or something. Any advice on core materials, specifically how to jimmy them together so you get something that has a decent length without being too whippy? Actually, on that topic there are some honkin...
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    Stuff you want, but can't find

    What is that one piece of gear you've always wanted, but can't find or afford? I've just started making leather goods to sell, and I'm wondering what people really want.
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    The Rules of Adventuring.

    1. When in doubt, run away. 2. It's always an ambush. 3. It's always a necromancer.
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    Roleplaying Crunchies

    How do you like to play NPC's and Crunchies? is it all about gunho rushing into the waiting blades of the PCs, or do you try to give a little more depth to the NPCs you play? How do some of the basic crunchies differ in their outlooks on life? How do you roleplay animals, or golems, or the dead...
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    Convergence '09 in the Twin Cities - Demo's, Mods, Parties?

    Hey folks. Here's my story. I just got back from Anime Detour, a Twin Cities Anime Convention. Since I didn't want to go in my civvies I put on my leather armor, strapped a boffer to my side, and went in. In the two hours that I was wearing my armor about a half dozen people asked me about...
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    How do wars work in the Alliance world?

    Say the fighting 179th Dwarven Rhino Riders are encircled on all sides by slavering, bloodthirsty Unseemly Troll Haberdashers. The Rhino Riders are doomed, there is no hope that any of them will survive the battle! They fight bravely, to the last Dwarf and Rhino, then an hour later, having...
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    Props for Plot?

    Dear Bossman, I was wondering if you had anything like a wishlist for props. I have enough tools to build a tank from scratch, a small mountain of raw materials, a long list of places to scrounge free stuff, and some free time. I live above a business that gets rid of a lot of cardboard...
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    The Honest Gentleman's Practical Guide to Mechanical Devices

    I am not an honest gentleman. I am not interested in a practical guide to mechanical devices. I am a liar, a cheat, a thief, a swindler, and I may or may not have taken money to incite civil unrest that culminated in the collapse of one or more kingdoms. And I want to talk about traps. Neat...
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    The story thus far, and learning a little more about Gaden?

    I was wondering if we could get a short recap of the story thus far, say from the perspective of one of the townsfolk of wherever it was we were last weekend. I saw most of the event from the wrong end of a greatsword. I don't know exactly what all was going on, except that a lot of Kobold's...
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    Using a vacuum forming table to make NPC armor?

    So my brother asked me to make him a suit of stormtrooper armor, and after telling him no and directing him to some DIY sites I started wondering if a home made vacuum forming table could be used to make a lot of cheap, reasonably durable armor bits to spruce up monsters, NPCs, and other plot...
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    Taking armor off or putting it on in game?

    I was wondering about this. Let's say bob the Fighter has two sets of armor. One is just a breast and backplate with some simple pauldrons, bracers, and greaves. Bob wears this when he's knocking around because it looks nice, it keeps his insides inside, and most importantly it breathes well and...
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    A ridiculous number of questions about races and species.

    I find this rather confusing myself, having just come from my first event. How do you tell a naked human, a naked gypsy, and a naked barbarian apart if they've all got gags on and you're trying to decide who to sacrifice to the Golden Serpent? When does a pattern stop being interesting and...