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  1. RMEloveslife

    Lost and Found

    We found a book and a red water bottle in one of the Yurts this last December game. If they are yours, please let us know! DM Shell or email her at
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    December Event Feedback/Best Moments

    Share your favorite/memorable moments from the 2017 December event! Also, negative or positive, we appreciate any and all feedback from our players! Let us know how we did! Thanks!!
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    Shops & Inns

    How does in game rent work? We have an inn that is for rent and I have a player who's going to rent it. How do you deal with the in game rent? Does she actually have to make the in game money to pay the landlord? Or does she get a set amount each event to make up for the out of game days we...
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    Hello! Who can I email to get my chapter's events up on the calendar? Alliance Kansas currently has one more event, probably two this year. Then we will have all next year as well. :) Thanks, Rachelle
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    Attention Merchants

    I have returned from Voidsmarch with writing supplies and books! You can find me at my shop, Ms. Potts' Bibliothek! Rosalie Potts Havenport, Voidesmarche
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    2017 Schedule

    August 11-13 September 15-17 December 8-10
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    Jack and I take criticism as a learning experience, so please, if you have anything to say, positive or negative, let us know here! What did we do right? What did we do wrong? Is there anything that could be improved? What did you like? Even small things, we would love to hear about! Thanks...
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    Best & Memorable Moments!

    We want to hear your favorite moments that happened at the events! Please post them here so we can read them!
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    The World At Large

    NEW! From The Friendly Folks of Firebend! We, the High Ogres of Firebend, are proud to present to all of you classy Voidesmarchians our newest line of summer products. Ranging from perfumes like our new scent Conseils de Nature (helpful in camouflaging your odor when stalking prey in most...
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    Welcome to Havenport-Shelterdoor!

    We welcome you to Havenport-Shelterdoor! Here, is a directory of all we have to offer! We are happy to assist you with any questions you may have and are looking forward to meeting you, adventurer! -Most Humble Mayor Novlin Middelmann - Directory
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    Creating a Character

    The original post is from Alliance LARP Denver: Hey all, I've been working on a tool in Google Docs to help with keeping track of build on characters, and I think it's finally ready for public release. It's based on Matt's Alliance_Class_Compare.xls, but with a bunch more features. Partial...
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    Costuming & Accessories Questions

    Hello! My name is Rachelle, and I'm needing some help with designing costuming and accessories. When attaching things like small skulls, fur, leather, etc. What do you use? Needs to be sturdy for combat and running.
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    Now Recruiting!

    We are looking for members to be a part of our Plot Team, Logistics Team, and New Player Representative! If you are interested, please contact us! LARP experience recommended. Must want to have fun and be a part of the LARP community! :)
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    Contact Info

    Website: Owner Email: Plot Team: Logistics: Casey Yeager- Owner, GM Email: Discord: Kixen#1929 Facebook: Casey Yeager PCs: Puck, Grunt Ruth Busby -...
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    Alliance Kansas Player's Guide

    The Player's Guide for the Kansas Chapter is coming together swell! We are also writing Racial packets that are based around the world of Rumeria, and other in-game books/guides. :) I'm so excited to be participating in these events! Thanks for the opportunity! I cannot wait to meet everyone!