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    Thinking about coming back! :3

    Hey, everyone. Hopefully I'm remembered, because I have been thinking about playing again. You may see me as an NPC soon. I haven't decided yet if I will continue playing Pino or not... So how are you? -Alycia
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    OOG: I am a model now! :3

    I wanted to tell everyone when I got a few shoots done. :D You can see some pictures from each set I have done on my myspace or model mayhem page: :3 I am not getting payed...
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    Always in search for arrows.

    Good day, fellow beings. I just wanted to let those of the Crossroads know that I am always in search for arrows. Not really specifically requesting them at the moment as I am with Kasuni far from the Crossroads at the moment, but I will be returning. So any fellow beings out there who have...
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    To the people of the Crossroads.

    During this year of my traveling I must say that I am very intrigued by your town you folk call the Crossroads. Thank you for the experiences and new friendships you have acquired with me. To all who have witnessed my wedding with Kasuni, I thank you for your presence. May the attendance of...
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    Hello all. I need a ride to the event... I live in the U-district area of Seattle. I'll be packing enough stuff to sit on my lap and at my feet in the car if need be. xD Any takers? Please?
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    OMG new people! :D

    I am soooo excited to see more new faces! Makes the life of an adventure more exciting and less predictable. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Incase you can't guess: I AM SMILING!!!! ROAR! (^_^)v
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    This is Alycia.

    Hello everyone! This is my new username...just letting you know. (^_^) Ummm...incase you are unfamiliar with my real name...this is Jaina. ♥