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  1. GoldRaven

    Just a bit of Winter Season Hype

    Hey guys! It may be cold outside, there may be a foot of snow on the ground, and there may be no games happening, but don't worry! Only a few more monthes and we'll back in the mountains, ready to adventure once again. Fret not, folks! It's a new year- and that means the season for LARP is fast...
  2. GoldRaven

    Banned player

    Its unfortunate it had to come to that, but I think you made a good move Jesse. This was probably not an easy decision, and I respect you for making it. Thanks for taking us players into account in everything you do.
  3. GoldRaven

    My Magnum Opus- Branwyn, of Kood

    I'm very proud of this, so naturally I'm going to show the internet. This is my character, Branwyn a.k.a Bran, wearing a mock up of his new outfit.
  4. GoldRaven

    Alternate campaign you say?

    What does this mean for the players? Will we be needing to roll up different characters? Do we have a census on where the story is going to be taking place?
  5. GoldRaven

    Wylderkin Diet

    Quick question: Do wylderkin have the same dietary restrictions and food preferences as their 'kin equivalents? Like, are herbivorous 'kin vegetarian? What do you guys do when roleplaying you 'kin?
  6. GoldRaven


    Hey folks- my hopes came to fruition, and I'm glad to say that I've moved in with a dad a little early and am now going to Cherry Creek. I don't think we'll be able to attend actual events, as both me and dad are in school, but we may be able to attend the odd fighter practice here and there...
  7. GoldRaven

    Magic involved in Race Changes

    That's basically what's happening. I really wanted to be wylderkin, but I loved my character too much to essentially kill him and build a new character. I haven't gotten my response on my new backstory back yet, but I think it'll get approved. I wrote the transformation as a complicated four day...
  8. GoldRaven

    Magic involved in Race Changes

    I think an important thing to note also, is that my character is just now level two, and therefore the technical reason he can change his race is via rewrite. I'm just writing a legitimate in game reason for the race change, and was wondering the non-technical ways of race conversion. It's no...
  9. GoldRaven

    Magic involved in Race Changes

    Oh. Well, I'll see what my local plot chapter says about it. It might need a little more editing, but I can fix any mistakes they find. If theyre okay with i . Then awesome. If not, I'll change it again. No big deal.
  10. GoldRaven

    Magic involved in Race Changes

    I ended up re-writing it as an actual ritual. It was originally a much more symbolic, and more "fairy-tail-esque" story, which I was quite proud of, but that didn't work, so I had to change it, so that my character goes through an actual ritual at the mages guild. I'm not as happy about it, but...
  11. GoldRaven

    Magic involved in Race Changes

    Alright, well I appreciate the help! I'll go look into it.
  12. GoldRaven

    Magic involved in Race Changes

    Well, I'm actually in Korea for the year, so I'm implementing my race change as a super long in between game action. Is there a way that I could work it in? Originally, my character transformed into a wylderkin from long exposure to a primal lifestyle in the wilderness, but I was told that's not...
  13. GoldRaven

    Magic involved in Race Changes

    So, I understand that your race can change with fae magic or ritual magic, but how exactly does that work? Can a pond in the woods have fae magic in it, which could change your race to match your soul if you drank it often enough? Or something like that... Basically what I'm asking is; what are...
  14. GoldRaven

    Exotic Wylderkin Costuming

    That looks really cool! I really like gorillas, but unfortunately, I'm not too sure how well anyone in my chapter would accept an ape-kin of any kind... They have something of a bad rap. Also, hang in there man. I understand the pain of being broke and living with the family. Though I imagine...
  15. GoldRaven

    Exotic Wylderkin Costuming

    Well, I stand corrected then. I suppose my Muntjac knowledge is spotty, then. I'll have to do some more research!
  16. GoldRaven

    Exotic Wylderkin Costuming

    I don't think I've seen any raccoons yet, but we do have a large fox population (one of the ones I'm thinking of could be a wolf), quite a few rabbits, a bear, a lizard, and a muntjac. Which you'll have to look up for yourself. I will say our muntjac is a little more bad-a than the real life...
  17. GoldRaven

    July 415 Favorite Moments, Deadlines, Feedback, & IBGAs!

    So, as you guys may know, this was my first time LARPing, and I couldn't have had more fun. I even had something of a spiritual experience (but more on that later). Everyone was super nice and welcoming. I was a little apprehensive about my age, but everyone was super chill about the whole...
  18. GoldRaven

    Wylderkin: How do you treat them?

    You know, I think the best thing to do is educate the people on which kin resemble certain monsters. Like how naked mole rat-kin could resemble goblins, or how hyena-kin could resemble gnolls. These are important things that people need to know. But, in general, if something is trying to kill...
  19. GoldRaven

    Exotic Wylderkin Costuming

    That makes a lot of sense. Denver is a very wildlife rich and culture rich area, so playing North American animals is a fun part of the ascetic. I think that's actually where my Sponge joke came from, seeing how the primary sponge harvesting capital of the world is in a little town in Florida...
  20. GoldRaven

    Exotic Wylderkin Costuming

    Yes, that's probably true. People might not take so kindly to getting gooey. I can't see that anyone would become too upset, but it would still be rather inconsiderate. The sponge idea was a joke, anyway. I'm not really sure how to costume that, other than going to Florida and buying a big...